Alexa Grasso puts on boxing showcase to vanquish Viviane Araujo in UFC Vegas 62 main event


AlexaGrasso has established her title as the greatest flyweight boxer after she beat Viviane Arajo at the UFC Vegas 62 main.

Grasso was able to beat Araujo round after round with her precise combinations and timely counter strikes. She continued to score points on the scorecards. Grasso was consistent with her output while using a volume striking attack to just pepper away at Araujo until the fight was over.

Following the final horn, the judges scored the fight 50-45, 49-46 and 49-46 with Grasso getting the nod by unanimous decision in her first ever headlining opportunity.

“Of course I did enough to win this time,” Grasso said afterwards. “I knew she was going to try to take me to the ground but I trained hard. This was something I worked really hard on. I know that she’s a tough warrior. I admire her, too.”

Both flyweights agreed to trade strikes for the remainder of the round, with Grasso establishing a vicious jab that continually popped Araujo into the mush. Grasso used her jab effectively to set up a hook behind it that eventually caused Araujo not to trade punches but to look for the takedown.

Araujo was suffering from headaches due to Grasso’s lightning fast moves and quick combos that she whipped off before Araujo could reply. Araujo responded with a quick takedown, which saw her rapidly advance her position. However, Grasso was able jump off the ground and get to her feet.

Just before the second round ended, Grasso snapped off a nasty left-right combination with her fists landing with a thud on Araujo’s jaw. Grasso continued with that same strategy with Araujo trying to find an answer while struggling under the weight of a volume striking attack.

Grasso consistently landed first in the exchanges, but Araujo still preferred to remain in the pocket and had a slight advantage with her counter punches. Despite Araujo being able to pop Grasso using a couple of hard strikes, Araujo still managed to eat far more strikes that she delivered as the Brazilian faced an extremely active opponent who was better at technical boxing.

Araujo made a conscious effort to not overcommit with five minutes left. It seemed that every time Araujo stepped forward, Grasso would respond quickly with a two-punch combo. When Araujo finally did get a little more aggressive, Grasso answered by leaning on her back foot and unloading a powerful right hook that landed flush.

There was no doubt when the fight was over that Grasso had done more than enough to earn the victory as she continues to make a slow and steady climb up the flyweight ranks.

Grasso now moves up to 4-0 @ 125 lbs. She will also be watching closely the fight for flyweight between Katlyn Cohookagian (UFC 280) with either one potentially serving as her next challenge to Valentina Shevchenko