Alex Volkanovski: “Ten seconds and Makhachev’s face will change”

Alex Volkanovski:

Reigning UFC featherweight champion and UFC lightweight title contender Alexander Volkanovski believes that Islam Makhachev is greatly mistaken if he thinks that size will provide him with an advantage in the upcoming fight.

“Yes, I have always been short,” quotes the Australian MMA Fighting. “It just so happened. Even featherweights are taller than me. You can read from his face, ‘This guy is not too big.’ I have seen it on the faces of many people. I’ve seen it in my previous fights, but these faces have changed quickly in the octagon. Give me ten seconds with Makhachev and his face will change very quickly.”

“Suddenly it’s clear that size doesn’t matter and my footwork is confusing them, ‘Where is this guy?! How can I solve this puzzle?!’ And when I let them feel the weight of my hands, they realize the depth of the problem. They try to grab me but they can’t because I’m like a little brick wall.”

“At this point, you see them start to roll in and their faces say, ‘Damn, what have I gotten myself into?!’ This is what will happen to Islam, especially given the way his face looks now. I see that he really underestimates me and thinks that he will be much stronger.”

Recall that the title fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, in which the Russian will defend the lightweight championship belt, will head the UFC 284 tournament in Perth, Australia, on February 11.