Alex Volkanovski reveals plan to fight Islam Makhachev

Alex Volkanovski reveals plan to fight Islam Makhachev

The best UFC fighter, regardless of weight category, Alexander Volkanovski, who will share the octagon with Islam Makhachev next month, is not going to leave the fate of the title superfight in the hands of the judges.

“I think it’s going to be mostly on the feet and I feel like I’m going to catch him because I know I’ll have the advantage on my feet,” the Australian told The AllStar. “I think he will try to transfer me at the very beginning, and even if he succeeds, I guarantee you that I will be able to stand up, and I am ready to do this all 25 minutes”

“Usually when I fight other guys, I know that basically they only have a puncher chance, so I try to be safe on the stand and don’t take too many risks. This time I’ll have to take the risk. I will be careful, but I have to use my standing advantage. I can’t sit back and be careful and wait because I can’t let him take rounds. That’s why I feel like I can finish it, believe it or not.”

“The first round will be chaotic with a lot of clinches, but in the second round I will calculate it and finish it. That’s the plan. But then again, I’m preparing for all five rounds – that’s the kind of guy I am.”

The title fight, in which the Russian will defend the lightweight championship belt, will head the UFC 284 tournament in Perth on February 11.