Alex Volkanovski left a cautionary tale for Elijah Topuria

After suffering an early defeat against Islam Makhachev, reigning UFC featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, is looking forward to a fight with Elijah Topuria to show everyone that he is still a formidable force in the division.

“Yes, the fight was originally scheduled for January, but we thought it would be too soon,” the Australian told Fox Sports Australia. “We want to follow all the protocols and do everything right. I think February is the perfect time. I’ll be back soon, but not too soon.”

“Elijah is a powerful dude, and good in all aspects. He’s a versatile fighter, but I believe in my skills and my understanding of the game – it’s going to be too much for him. He’s young, hungry, and doesn’t know defeat. He’s very confident, I’d even say too confident, so he could use a lesson in humility, and I’m happy to be the one to do it”

“Again, he’s a powerful dude and loves to box, but I’m going to show him that I’m made of a different test. He’ll come into the fight fully confident. Probably even more confident after my recent performance. A lot of people are wondering, ‘How’s it going to be?’ and I can’t wait to show everyone why I’ve been the king of the welterweight division for so long”

As a reminder, a featherweight title fight between Alex Volkanovski and Elijah Topuria on Feb. 17 will headline UFC 298, with the venue still unknown.