Alex Volkanovski: I would crush Makhachev at featherweight

Alex Volkanovski: I would crush Makhachev at featherweight

The current UFC featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, despite the defeat from Islam Makhachev, retained the first line of the P4P UFC rating, considers himself the winner of this confrontation and counts on an immediate revenge with the Russian lightweight.

“A lot of people think I won this fight, I think I won this fight and I moved up to lightweight,” the Australian said on The MMA Hour. “We are talking about the ranking of the best fighters, regardless of weight. Imagine if we were in the same weight class. If he was a featherweight in my division, I would crush him. It would be an easy walk. No offense, but it’s a fact. I think I have proved that I am the best fighter and the leader of the P4P rating.”

“I guess he thought he lost the fight. He even said ‘we need to have a rematch’ as ​​he walked back to his corner. He didn’t say ‘defeat’, but he obviously meant it when he talked about the rematch because he thought they would raise my hand. He then told the press backstage that he wanted a rematch anyway. So he knows everything. It was a very close fight.”

“Now everything depends on him. He knows that people will leave a bad aftertaste. I was in his position and I know how he feels – he wants to prove to people, not leave them in doubt. I wouldn’t feel happy if I were him. If he refuses a rematch, we know why.”

Recall that the lightweight title fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, who headlined the UFC 284 tournament in Perth last weekend, went the whole distance and ended with the victory of the Russian by unanimous decision with a score of 49-46 and 48-47 twice.