Alex Volkanovski and Conor McGregor discussed the terms of the fight

Alex Volkanovski and Conor McGregor discussed the terms of the fight

Reigning UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski regrets missing Conor McGregor in the division, but is willing to fight him in any weight class if the Irishman accepts the fight.

“It’s pretty easy for me to name Conor McGregor because he was a featherweight,” the Australian told The MMA Fan Podcast. “You remember who I beat. I beat every featherweight champion. The only champion I haven’t fought at featherweight is Conor McGregor.”

“Conor McGregor is at his peak against me – I’m sure everyone would love to see this fight. If we could do it now – peak Conor vs peak Wolf, that would be something really special.”

The Irishman did not disregard the Australian’s statement and joined the discussion of a potential match on the social network.

Volkanovski: “Let’s do it at lightweight!”

McGregor: “Ha, are you afraid? The best fighter in the world needs scales and a certain division to compete with me. So who is who really?

Volkanovski: Anytime! Anywhere! At any weight!

McGregor: Then why did you ask for lightweight? Besides, these are my words.”

Volkanovski: Yes, you talk, but I do. I fought at middleweight, welterweight, lightweight and featherweight.”

Recall that on July 8 at UFC 290 in Las Vegas, Alexander Volkanovski will go to a unification fight with Yair Rodriguez, who owns an interim title, and Conor McGregor plans to meet Michael Chandler in the welterweight category at the end of this year.