Alex Pereira proposes bet to Brendan Schaub ‘since he wants to run his mouth’ for potential fight with Khamzat Chimaev


UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira — literally — wants to see Brendan Schaub put his money where his mouth is.

Following Pereira’s stunning late finish of Israel Adesanya at UFC 281, Schaub reacted to the new champion’s potential reign and said he believes Pereira doesn’t beat “a single guy in the top-five.”

Additionally, when a potential matchup with the undefeated Khamzat Chimaev came up, Schaub felt that Pereira would have a really rough night at the office — which got the attention of the new 185-pound title holder.

“No. 1, if needed, [I’ll] fight Chimaev at light heavyweight, not a problem for [me],” Pereira’s coach Plinio Cruz translated on The MMA Hour. “No. 2, Brendan Schaub, I think he was running his mouth.

“Brendan was talking a lot of crap that Chimaev would run [me] over, and blah, blah, blah, and said he would be able to take [me] down in 30 seconds.

“Here’s the deal, he’ll fight Chimaev in Rio [at UFC 283] — regardless if he’s injured or not — at 205, and he proposes to do a bet with Schaub, since he wants to run his mouth.”

On The Schaub Show following UFC 281, the former UFC heavyweight dove into what a fight between Pereira and Chimaev would look like, and that it would not be competitive.

“Khamzat tweeted out, ‘I’ll fight at 185. I’ll be your champ’ Now, if the UFC wanted Khamzat to be that big of a superstar ’70 and ’85, your next fight is gonna be Khamzat vs. Alex Pereira,” Schaub said. “Khamzat beats the s*** out of him. He mops the floor with him. Again, I’m not taking anything away from Alex, it’s all about matchups and styles and that’s a complete nightmare for him.”

Now knowing how Schaub feels about the matchup, Pereira and his coach have stakes for the proposed bet — with the money going to those who need it most.

Of course, if Chimaev wants a piece of the action, Pereira would gladly welcome him on board.

“$50,000 if he beats Chimaev,” Pereira said. “We both [put up the money], and the $50,000 from both sides we donate to kids in need.

“Also, $50,000 more that he won’t take it down in 30 seconds — and we double that up [also] to donate to the charity. [This isn’t just] for Schaub, but to Chimaev, too. If he wants to jump on the bet train, let’s bet. We donate to the charity. A lot of kids are hungry these days. They wanted to run their mouth, their managers can call my manager, we’ll make an agreement. Christmas is coming, let’s feed the kids.”

Following the challenge, both Chimaev and Schaub confirmed that they are both in for the bet, with Schaub stating he’ll put up $100,000.