After watching Dmitry Bivol lose, Jake Paul said he would beat Eddie Hearn in 3 f years.


Jake Paul promises he’s anything but average and he wants to prove that by duplicating what Dmitry Bivol did to Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on Saturday night.

The outspoken social media influencer and boxer, Bivol, posted on Instagram after his upset victory over Alvarez that he’d do exactly the same thing given the chance in the future.

He also took a direct shot at Matchroom Sport promoter Eddie Hearn, who said before and after the recent Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano event that he thought Paul was “deluded” if he actually believed he could beat ‘Canelo’ in a boxing match.

” And just like that, “Canelo” Alvarez is defeated by Dmitry Bivol,” Paul stated. “An amazing fight by Bivol. Bivol is two inches taller than me, and 20 more pounds. Three years and I’ll take out Canelo in the exact same manner. He looks like he’s winning. Only three rounds were won by him in the entire fight.

“Eddie Hearn, f*** you, you can suck my d***. I’m coming, I’m beating ‘Canelo’ in three f****** years. That’s what I did to my mama .”

The back and forth between Paul and Hearn began in the days preceding the headline event by Taylor and Serrano. They were also co-promoting the event.

When addressing Paul’s boxing skills and rating how far he could go in the sport, Hearn called him “average” while adding that he believes the 25-year-old Ohio native “is better than some fighters but I don’t believe you will ever get close to being a world-class fighter.”

None of that sat well with Paul, who engaged in several contentious interviews alongside Hearn in the lead up to the event held at Madison Square Garden in New York.

After watching ‘Canelo’ struggle with a taller and bigger opponent in Bivol before ultimately losing a decision on the scorecards, Paul only gained confidence in his believe that he could beat the multi-division champion.

“Congratulations to Dmitry Bivol. He showed that Canelo can be easily defeated by a larger man. This is something I have known for a long time,” Paul stated. “Believe in yourself kids and don’t listen to these f****** British scumbags like Eddie Hearn.”

Paul has already announced that he will be making his return to the ring on August 13, which will be his first fight since faceplanting ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley with a brutal knockout in their rematch this past December.

There’s no word yet on who Paul might face, although Tommy Fury still seems like a leading candidate after they were originally scheduled to clash last year until the bout fell apart in the days leading up to the event due to an injury suffered by the British boxer.

Fury, Tyson Fury’s older brother, won the Undercard. Perhaps he will face Paul later in the year.