“After Beterbiev I will drink and forget about boxing.” Bivol’s DAZN interview


World champion according to WBA Super light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg) Russian Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) gave
interview for streaming DAZN.

In a conversation, Dmitry spoke about his last fight against the ex-champion of the second middle weight (up to 76.2 kg) Mexican Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs), compared Ramirez with the absolute champion in 76.2 kg Mexican Canelo Alvarez (58- 2-2, 39 KOs), expressed his opinion about participation in exhibition fights, named the strongest puncher with whom he fought, and answered other questions.

– Before the fight with Ramirez, everyone said that it would be a good fight, a competitive fight. Ramirez is big, tall, left-handed, skillful. Was it not what you expected because you made it look easy?

— You know, when people come to my house and fix something, it looks easy. And then I try to do it myself and it turns out that it is not so easy. They are just professionals.

This is probably the best answer to this question. Let me rephrase. Did you expect Ramirez to be better than he was?

— No, I expected such a fight. This is exactly the kind of fight I expected. He did everything he could. He threw a lot of body shots, he tried to catch me in the body. For me it was not easy. It looked easy, but… Of course, I was focused the whole fight. I tried to constantly put pressure on him. I took a short break, I think in the eighth round. On the inside, I don’t think it was easy.

– Who hits harder: Canelo or Ramirez, and who is the better fighter?

There were two different fights. To be honest, I put a lot more energy and more focus into the fight against Canelo, because the whole fight I was focused and thinking about how to work and win every round. I tried to do it. With Ramirez a few times I thought I could pause and then continue again. This was not the case with Canelo. In terms of strength, of course, Canelo is a stronger fighter. Canelo hits a lot harder than Ramirez. But Ramirez uses combinations. He throws three punches and Canelo throws one or two. And Canelo is faster.

  • Canelo Alvarez called two reasons for the defeat of Bivol: he wants to fix everything

– If you fought Beterbiev… People say that he is the most powerful puncher. Do you think you will have to approach this fight the same way you would with Canelo? Must be careful every second of the whole duel?

— Yes, with fighters like Beterbiev, you have to be focused every second of the fight. It’s hard to do it for 36 minutes.

Yes, you are tired.

– Yes, you are tired. When you are focused, you use up a lot of energy. But he is a good fighter and, of course, you need to be ready for him and be focused throughout the fight.

– You said that you want to fight Beterbiev in the next fight, because it is more important for your legacy. But there is also Canelo who wants a rematch. Who will make this decision? Can you decide that you want to fight Beterbiev next fight no matter what? Who decides on your next fight?

– Of course, it depends on the promoters of the fighters. I can’t just say that I want to fight such a fighter. They may listen to me or they may think of business, but of course it would be better for my legacy to fight for another title. I have already done 10 defenses, of course, I want more. I want to feel like I’m fighting for something other than defending my title.

What about the condition for a rematch with Canelo? How does it sound? Do you have a deadline or is everything based on when Canelo wants it?

– It seems to me that I can not box with him now, because the time has already passed. It’s all up to me what I want. But I have a contract with Matchroom.

“I’ve been saying for years that you are the best light heavyweight. Let’s say you fight Beterbiev and beat him, what’s next? Will you wait for a new opponent or will you test yourself by going up or down in weight? What do you want to prove after that?

“Maybe I’ll get drunk and forget about it.”

— [смеются] People don’t know that you are a joker. I’m trying to picture you with a big beer belly. I can’t imagine it, not anytime soon. If you didn’t box, would you be a lazy person with a fat belly?

No, of course I’m joking.

Don’t say “of course” because most boxers are fat when they don’t train, when they retire.

I think I’ll be fat too.

— [смеются]

– I like to eat.

Have you already decided who you will fight next, or have you already told Eddie Hearn and Matchroom who you want next? I know that Beterbiev will fight Anthony Yarde, Canelo is unlikely to be ready because he had an operation. Or have you made a decision yet?

“You know, guys, whenever I think about who will be next, it doesn’t happen. I wanted to fight Ramirez 3 years ago. I ask if I can choose someone else, but they tell me no, we can do it with Lenin Castillo or with Richards in Britain. Okay, no problem. I need a fight, I will fight. I’m already used to it. I can’t just say give me a big fight.

  • Bivol beat heavyweight, will beat Beterbiev – expert

– If the promoter offers you an exhibition fight for a lot of money against Jake Paul? Will you ever fight Jake Paul or someone like that for big money?

I hope they offer me a big money fight with another boxer. I respect him.

— I understand that you are afraid of Jake Paul. [смеются].

Yes, he’s big, he’s strong.

— [смеются]

– I’m afraid. I respect him. He was a blogger, he became a boxer, he won fights, he made money, he did shows, but this is not a 100% sport. It’s more than 50/50 – sports and shows. I want to be famous in sports. I don’t want to be known for dirty talk. I don’t want to be famous because I beat up a blogger. I want to be known for beating real boxers.

“I want to know something from you. Who is the hardest hitting puncher you’ve ever faced?

– You know, one of the strongest punchers was Jean Pascal. He doesn’t have the same punch as Canelo. Canelo has a heavy shot, while Pascal has a heavy and accurate shot.

– If you defeat Beterbiev, will you most likely move up to heavyweight or super middleweight? Which is more likely?

– Of course, it is more likely to go down to the second middleweight. But I don’t want to stay there.

– No, for one fight, say, against Canelo for all the belts.

– Yes, that’s a good idea. But in terms of heavy weight, I’m not that big. I have breakfast before weighing.

There is an opinion that Canelo decalibrates, and Bivol will beat him in a light heavyweight rematch.

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