Adrien Broner surprises again: multi-million dollar deal with BLK terminated


At the end of October last year, the boxing world heard the news: the scandalous and lost in his own vices, ex-champion Adrien Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) signed a contract with the new promotional company BLK Prime Boxing, which had replenished its still thin ranks a little earlier. Terence Crawford himself.

It was reported that under the terms of the deal, designed for 12 months, Broner will earn an 8-figure fee for 3 fights. The first of these was planned to take place in December on the undercard of the Crawford-Avanesyan show.

As a result, Adrian did not perform either then or on the last weekend of February, for which he planned three fights one after the other – against Ivan Redkach, Henry Lundy and someone else, but none of them came true, and the return of Broner I had to move into the ring for the first time since February 2021. Preliminary for April.

And today, Broner suddenly announced that this is all with BLK.

“Everyone is healthy. Let me know so everyone is aware. BLK Prime and I have decided to part ways,” Adrian said. “No controversy, they just couldn’t provide everything I needed at this point in my career. Now I’m in top notch shape. I got myself in shape. I threw away all my vices. I don’t go to clubs. I do not drink. I’m ready to fight. Adrien Broner is a free agent. Let’s do that. As I said, I am ready to fight today and with anyone. Anyone can get it. I’m back”.

“Fuck yu, nigaz.” Broner reacted to the breakdown of the fight