Adam Sandler to star in UFC comedy

Adam Sandler to star in UFC comedy

Popular American comedian, screenwriter and film producer Adam Sandler will star in a comedy show dedicated to the work of the world’s strongest league.

This was announced in the next issue of The Pat McAfee Show by UFC President Dana White.

“Now we are working on a documentary that will be released at the end of this year, as well as on a show with Adam Sandler, a comedy about working in the UFC office,” said the head of the organization.

The head of the UFC did not specify whether this is a feature film or a comedy series, however, Sandler will not only star in the show, but also write a script for it, and his production company Happy Madison, which once had a hand in creating the film, will organize the filming ” Fat Man in the Ring starring Kevin James.

Last year, Adam Sandler starred in Breakthrough the NBA, a sports drama that earned critical acclaim from viewers and film critics alike.

Note that Sandler’s business interests are represented by the investment management group William Morris Endeavor, which is the owner of the UFC.