A potential opponent turned to Joshua: “Come on, don’t be a bitch!”


Age American-Mexican heavyweight Chris Arreola (38-7-1, 33 KOs) has confirmed that he is one of the top candidates for the December fight with former unified world champion Briton Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs).


Arreola, of course, is interested in the duel and does not
hides this: “There are some negotiations going on. My team is trying to understand how serious their intentions are. Here is such a thing. In any case, I will fight in December. If not with Joshua, then with someone else. I wanted to return to the ring earlier – in May, in September. Nes grew… It happens in boxing. This is fine. I tell it like it is, I just love to fight. I like it. I’m glad I’m Mexican. Glad I’m a heavyweight. I’m glad I’m a fighter. It’s just a job that gets paid. And I’m glad for that. And if they give me a fight with Joshua, then I will make him give it all.”

Arreola was reminded that the Briton had previously lost to fellow Mexican-American Andy Ruiz. Cristobal believes that this is the reason why Joshua changed his mentor. It’s funny that in doing so he forgot the name of Robert Garcia: “Lost to Ruiz? That is why he took the Mexican as his coach. He knows he needs to learn how to box Mexican style. But one boot camp won’t make you a Mexican. He started a rematch with Oleksandr Usyk using the Mexican style. Apparently, he learned something from Diaz. But then he returned to his usual boxing. We know how it all ended for him.”

Arreola decided to address Joshua directly: “Come on, don’t be a bitch! Let’s make this fucking fight happen. Let’s fight! Here, there, anywhere and anytime. It’s up to you to fucking decide. I’m waiting for your call. I’ll give you such a fight… I know you can have a good gasp. But I will answer the same. I’m that fighting dog.”

Arreola, of course, is not the only one who dreams of this fight. The “zero” fighter from Australia called Anthony, and Wallin is also hinted at a fight with Joshua.