A new name in the top division? Ramirez beat Padilla – video


Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, Ohio, USA. In the limit of the second flyweight (up to 52.2 kg), the American top prospect John Ramirez (11-0, 8 KOs) failed to knock out the Mexican
Luis Villa Padilho (15-4-2, 2 KOs).

Ramirez aggressively pressed on the opponent, quickly realizing his huge advantage in firepower. In the 2nd round, Padilla picked up punches. The Mexican’s legs gave way, but he continued to snarl – he bravely responded with blows for blows.

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The fight could have been a little more competitive if Padilla had a little more power in his fists. The Mexican intercepted very well. And so, Ramirez even allowed himself to play a little in public – a funny and very charismatic fellow.

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Ramirez tried different variants of the fight: he put pressure and pulled the opponent on himself, turned up the density and even confused him with the angles of attacks and changing the distance. Padilla took blows, backed away and answered less and less.

The audience greeted the final gong with a dissatisfied rumble – after all, Ramirez promised a knockout. What demanding fans 🙂

The score of the judges: 100-90, 99-91 and 99-91 in favor of the favorite. The WBA Continental title was on the line.

Ramirez UD 10.

Interesting moment: Ramirez is No. 2 in the WBA ranking (1st line is vacant), and the champion of the organization Joshua Franco was also previously under contract (co-promotion agreement) with Golden Boy Promotions.

In the bantamweight limit (up to 53.5 kg) American
Manuel Flores (15-0, 11 KOs) snatched a difficult victory from puncher Franklin Gonzalez (25-2, 25 KOs) from Venezuela.

The guest acted decisively and aggressively, shocking the favorite in the 3rd round. He responded with a beautiful counterattack – he brightly knocked the cap out of Gonzalez’s mouth. The fighters boldly went into exchanges. Spectacular fight.

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But the most controversial episode, which could have been decisive, occurred in the 5th three-minute period – the referee recorded a dubious knockdown in favor of Flores.

Down he goes! @Guccimaanny with a 5th round knock down. https://t.co/lafr5g88SV

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It was not easy for the guest also because of two unpleasant cuts. He earned one after a missed shot, and the second after a headbutt.

The fight turned out to be the most competitive. So much so that the judges disagreed: twice 77-74 in favor of the American and 76-75 in favor of the guest.

Flores UD 8.