A fierce slugfest in heavyweight is coming? Chisore marry Babich


British boxing fans have long dreamed of a fierce heavyweight fight between local popular veteran Derek Chisora ​​(33-13, 23 KOs) and unbeaten charismatic Croatian slugger Alen Babić (11-0, 10 KOs).

But first, the undefeated Croat will try to take the championship belt – on April 22 in Rzeszow (Poland), he will meet with the local big man Lukasz Rozanski. They will fight for the vacant WBC bridgeweight belt (up to 101.6 kg).

Immediately afterwards Babich
ready to Chisora: “Do I want to fight Derek? Are you kidding? Of course I do! I’m crazy about this fighter. This is one of my favorites. I watch absolutely all of his fights, I didn’t miss a single one. Yes, and he supported me in the previous fight. I love Chisora! Fans have been asking me about him for about three years now. But I honestly answered them that I was not yet at the level to fight Derek. And now, if he is ready, then I will 100% accept the fight. Do you know how easy it is to negotiate with me? It’s easier than a steamed turnip, because I say “yes” in response to absolutely any offer.

Chisora ​​suddenly became fully involved in the promotion of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, which took place over the weekend in Saudi Arabia. Despite this, the veteran is not yet ready to end his sports career, he plans to return to the ring soon.

It is possible that Derek will try his hand at MMA: White offered Chisora ​​a third fight – but not in boxing. In January, Kalle Sauerland and KSI admitted that they wanted to sign Ngannou to fight Chisora. He also dreams of fighting the former UFC champion.