44-year-old Ukrainian Plotnikov became the “world champion”, not without scandal


Dessau, Germany. In the main event of the show, the local 37-year-old world champion in the first middleweight (up to 69.9 kg) according to the WBU version listed only in Germany
Ronnie Gabel (29-7-1, 20 KOs) lost the title to 44-year-old Ukrainian traveler Viktor Plotnikov (34-15, 15 KOs), who has not won since 2015.

Plotnikov dropped his opponent in the opening round, and then confidently brought the fight to victory. But since the fight took place in Germany, the veteran had to deal with local judging – the drama turned out to be cooler than in the movies.

115-113, 113-115 and 114-114 – we have a split decision draw. But then something quite unexpected happened. The sports commission and WBU representatives began to argue hard about something, after which they announced a mistake. The representative of the commission took the blow. He says he made a mistake when counting – instead of 114-114, one of the judges put the victory of the Ukrainian 114-113.

Plotnikov SD 12.

First win since 2015. And along with it, the championship title … We know, it sounds crazy, but “this is boxing” (c).

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