“2 days after the fight, I was already on the front.” Krasyuk – about the present and future of Berinchyk


Promoter of Ukrainian lightweight (up to 61.2 kg) Denis Berinchyk (17-0, 9 KOs) Alexander Krasyuk (K2 Promotions Ukraine) in an interview for YouTube channel
boxoffice commented on the situation with the next fight of his client.

Alexander commented on the military award that Berinchyk received, spoke about the boxer’s activities in his free time from sports. According to Krasyuk, Frank Warren (Queensberry Promotions) is also Denis’ promoter now, and the boxer’s return to the ring is expected on the undercard of the fight for the title of absolute heavyweight champion Usyk – Fury.

— Please tell us about Denis Berinchyk. He recently received a medal for defending the borders of the state – “For promoting the protection of the borders of Ukraine.” What is this medal, how did he get it and, in fact, for what?

– I have no idea how exactly he received it and why he was discharged, but I know exactly what kind of activity he conducts. After the fight we had in London he went back to the training camp to pick up his stuff and 2 days later he was in Ukraine. And a day later, already on the front end, he was delivering everything that was possible. Warriors – one thing, humanitarian aid – peaceful, And he is constantly there. He doesn’t get out of there. And in the same way, a person who does not hesitate to take and plant half of the fee there, or to plant his entire fee into this business. He is such a. He is so real. No matter how we treat him, someone is debatable, but this is a person who does it from the heart, helps, on a par with ordinary volunteers. Everyone does this according to his abilities, and Berinchik was probably awarded a medal for his active work.

“I dedicate the victory to the Ukrainians and Zaluzhny.” Press conference of Berinchyk in Kyiv

– And what about the next boxing career of Denis? What fights? How soon can we see him in the ring?

– We do not forget that Denis now has not one promoter, but two. In addition to me, there is also Warren, who is now in the same way responsible for his career. And the undercard Usyk – Fury should be the next point of Denis Berinchyk’s duel.

– That is, we can hope that we will see Denis in the ring at the Usyk-Fury evening?

– The most interesting thing is that I have not yet had time to tell Denis himself about this. So he may be learning it from the media. I won’t have time to call him, but yes, we are planning Denis’ next fight on the Usyk-Fury undercard.