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Youth MMA Championships in Russia FINALS (video)

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Russian MMA Union being one of the world leaders in amateur Mixed Martial Arts movement hold its inaugural MMA championships among young athletes aged 16 and 17.

Since almost each oblast of the Russian Federation is a member of WMMAA, many of them delegated its athletes to the event.

The first amateur youth MMA championship emanated from the Strelets arena located in the city of Velikiye Luki on September 10 and 11.

Watch the final bouts that took place on September 11. Watch it now for free.

Velikiye Luki (Russian: Великие Луки, literally. great meanders) is a town in Pskov Oblast, Russia, located on the meandering Lovat River. It is the second largest town in Pskov Oblast; population: 98,778 (2010 Census). Velikiye Luki is a City of Military Glory, an honor bestowed on it because of the courage and heroism its citizens displayed during World War II.