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December 2017 was highlighted by WMMAA’s European Championships that came to Dresden. Exciting battles, great hospitality of German MMA Federation, tens of up-and-coming talents from the whole Europe, multiple new member participants, this was one event to be remembered. During the annual event a working meeting was held which was presided by Secretary General Alexander Engelhardt, Vice-president Victor Frolov and Executive director Tatiana Klimenko. One of the main topics discussed during the working meeting was the members’ concern with the IMMAF negotiations. In anticipation of the first stage of negotiations between the WMMAA & IMMAF leaders that took place in May, the presidents of each member Federation received an information letter (April 26) with a feedback request. Every received reaction was collected and processed. Statistically the majority of those who sent their feedback, did support the negotiations. After the trip to the SportAccord (now GAISF) workshop, a recommendation was given that the fastest route to obtain the observer status for the organisations is to unite. Multiple meetings were held between WMMAA’s Vadim Finkelchtein and IMMAF’s Kerrith Brown with the main topic being the possibility of a merger on equal terms. It’s not about a takeover or any other form other than a merger. This is a very complex and time-consuming process. As of now, both parties consult regarding the possible options and what can be done for the sake of the merger. The top priority for WMMAA’s board is its members. Everyone’s interest is taken into account. WMMAA is a public organisation and any decision will be made possible exclusively based on a voting process. The main target of WMMAA is to develop Mixed Martial Arts, help its recognition as a sport worldwide, including recognition by GAISF and consequently IOC. This is why the president of WMMAA considers every opportunity available to reach the set goals.