Vladimir Mineev made a statement about leaving for the front

Vladimir Mineev made a statement about leaving for the front

The reigning AMC Fight Nights middleweight champion Vladimir Mineev, who is currently training for a kickboxing match against Fernando Rodriguez, is going to go to the CBO zone after the fight with the Brazilian, despite the fact that he received a reservation from the draft.

“In order to dot the i and the audience had an understanding of what is happening – I will go to the front, but this will happen after the battle,” Mineev said in an interview with the channel “Ushatayka”. “I received a summons, I came to the military enlistment office, but since there were already losses in our family, people recognized me, they said, ‘how is it – bring us a certificate of death’, but while I was walking, I already made a decision”

“My older cousin tried to dissuade me and my mother cried, but in this situation I can’t sit quietly at home. I go to fights in a beret, and I always take a patriotic position, so I can’t just sit out now, despite the fact that I have a legal reservation. This is my character, this is how I was brought up. After the fight with Rodriguez, I will recover in the part to which I am assigned and sign a contract.

Recall that the kickboxing match between Vladimir Mineev and Fernando Rodriguez will take place on November 18 in Moscow.