Tom Aspinall has challenged Sergei Pavlovich to a challenge

UFC heavyweight number four Tom Aspinall shared his opinion on the Cyril Gagne vs. Sergey Spivak fight, and revealed who he wants as his opponent after the Frenchman refused to share the octagon with him.

“Cyril was good, I’m impressed with his performance,” the Brit told TheMacLife. “He was under a lot of pressure, it was unclear how he would handle it, but he did his job, did what he had to do. I give him credit for that.”

“I think Sergey’s plan was for five rounds, he was going to translate it later, but it’s a tough division in MMA – big guys with little gloves. Miss a few punches to the head, a few punches to the body, and ‘later’ might not come. Sergey probably got the fight plan wrong, but he’s young and I’m sure he’ll be back”

With Cyril Gun not going to answer his challenge, Aspinall is ready to compete against the division’s number one, Sergey Pavlovich.

“I’m not some schtick – if he doesn’t want to fight, I’m not going to go after him. I wanted to get in the cage, but the UFC wouldn’t let me do it. He doesn’t want to fight me, and I understand that – I’m a bad opponent for him. To me, on the contrary, he’s a good match stylistically.”

“There’s only one potential opponent left for me – a big Russian guy that nobody wants to fight, and I would love to come out and take that fight. I would love to share the octagon with Sergey Pavlovich. We were supposed to fight twice, the fight didn’t happen for certain reasons, so let’s do it! I’ll be happy to fight any opponent that gets me closer to a title fight”

As a reminder, the heavyweight fight that headlined UFC Fight Night 226 in Paris turned out to be one-sided and ended with Cyril Gane winning by technical knockout in the second round, and Sergey Pavlovic will be insuring a title fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic to headline UFC 295 in New York on November 11.