The attending physician spoke about the current state of Alexander Emelianenko

The attending physician spoke about the current state of Alexander Emelianenko

The popular Russian fighter Alexander Emelianenko will not be able to fight in the next three months, says the heavyweight’s attending physician, Lom-Ali Gazgiriev, who is treating him for alcohol addiction in one of the rehabilitation centers in Ingushetia.

“Addiction is a disease that is recognized by world medicine,” Gazgiriyev said in an interview. “Match TV”. “I told Vladimir Khryunov six months before the last fight that Emelianenko would not last long. This can happen to anyone. His illness is severe

“Now Emelianenko is undergoing rehabilitation and feels very well. Professional psychologists work with him, and I directly lead him. Sasha is undergoing a full course of rehabilitation so as not to lose shape – she trains. He is a hardworking guy and a man of his word. In forty days it will be a fresher person, they pierce him, he takes a course, like an ordinary rehabilitator. Sasha and I have known each other for a long time, but inside our friendship disappears, he is a sick person, I am a specialist, that’s all. And already somewhere on the street – we are friends “

“This is an incurable disease. No one can tell you for sure if a patient will be cured. If they say that they will cure 100%, you can no longer communicate with this person. But I can guarantee you that we will open it. At 90% I can say that Emelianenko will not return to the bad, but this takes time. Three more months. I don’t think he will fight in August. I will try my best to prevent this from happening. It is unacceptable. An addict’s body doesn’t work like a normal person’s. The biochemistry of the brain breaks down, the kidneys become bad, and a number of other problems. Now he is undergoing free rehab, and that’s good, we don’t need any hype.”

On May 26, Alexander Emelianenko fought at the next show of the REN TV Fight Club, finishing as a kimura in the second round of blogger Evgeny Ershov. At the same time, the heavyweight was in poor physical shape, barely moved, and in the first round he essentially lost the fight by technical knockout, however, the referee allowed him to recover and continue the meeting.

After the fight, promoter Vladimir Khryunov announced that before the end of the year, Alexander Emelianenko could get revenge with weightlifter and powerlifter Mikhail Koklyaev, whom he knocked out in the first round in November 2019.