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Published on 30 October 2015


The Hungarian Kempo Association will delegate seven fighters for the World Mixed Martial Arts Association’s World Championship in Prague. President of the Hungarian Kempo Association, Mr Ádám Illés Lacza said that Hungarian MMA fighters will be present in all of the weights at the World Championship.

The Hungarian’s squad:

János Hankó (61,2 kg)

Ádám Székács (65,8 kg)

László Furkó (70,3 kg)

Róbert Kertész (77 kg)

Milán Kopravinecz (84 kg)

Ábel Karagity (93 kg)

Lajos Calvaruso (+93 kg)

Hungarians debuted in WMMAA’s competition in 2014. At the first time the European Championship was organized by Azerbaijan and Patrik Szombat would win bronze medal for the little Central European country. Now Hungary strives to at least repeat the success of its national team.

WMMAA wishes Hungary’s National MMA Team to represent its country’s colors with dignity and bring back as many medals as possible!

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