Sean O’Malley called his main advantage in the fight against Petr Yan

Sean O'Malley called his main advantage in the fight against Petr Yan

Popular American fighter Sean O’Malley, who will share the octagon with Petr Yan in less than two weeks, explained how he is going to dominate the former UFC bantamweight champion.

“I would say my speed is by far my biggest asset,” O’Malley told Yahoo! sports. “There has never been such a fight in which my speed was not my biggest advantage and did not play a big role in the fight. And this fight will be no exception.”

“Peter will probably be the fastest guy I’ve fought, but I have very good sparring partners. There are very fast kickboxers in my team. It’s usually hard for me to find guys who can match me in speed, but these guys are really amazing. I did a very good preparation for the fight against Petr Yan.”

At the same time, O’Malley’s coach, Tim Welch, believes in the early victory of his ward.

“We train with elite fighters, very good strikers, and in sparring, Sean makes them look stupid. Probably Piotr is on another level, but given the size of the cage and Sean’s advantage in size and speed, I think he’ll make Piotr look stupid too. Peter will get angry, start taking risks, and then Sean will be able to knock him out.

Recall that the fight between Petr Yan and Sean O’Malley will be the third most important event of the UFC 280 tournament, which will be held on October 22 in Abu Dhabi.