Nurullo Aliyev became a UFC fighter

Nurullo Aliyev became a UFC fighter

22-year-old representative of Tajikistan Nurullo Aliyev was among the fighters who received contracts with the UFC following the results of the next qualifying show Dana White’s Contender Series, held in Las Vegas.

A minute and a half after the start of the fight, Aliyev moved American Josh Wick down, improved his position by moving to the net, and then began to methodically break the opponent on the ground, forcing referee Jason Herzog to stop the fight 24 seconds before the end of the round.

After the victory, Aliyev told the UFC president that he was ready to return to the octagon next week, and also promised to win the lightweight championship belt in two years.

“Mark my words – two years, and I will become the UFC lightweight champion,” said fighter Dana White.

Nurullo Aliyev enters the UFC undefeated and has seven professional victories to his credit.

In addition to Aliyev, Raul Rosas Junior, Bruno Ferreira, Austin Lane and Jafel Filho received contracts with the UFC.