‘Love me some Beast Boy’: Fighters react to Chris Barnett’s raucous UFC 279 win – and post-fight dance


Heavyweight Chris Barnett pulled off a gutsy come-from-behind win over Jake Collier to send the UFC 279 crowd into a frenzy.

Barnett did his signature flip to celebrate a TKO at the 2:24 mark of the second round and had the audience chanting his name as he gushed to Joe Rogan on the mic.

Things started out dicey for Barnett as he took serious punishment from Collier early on. As they attempted to win a second round, the heavyweights faltered. Barnett appeared to have lost his jaw and eye. When the second round started, Barnett’s prospects looked dim.

A tactical error from Collier gave “Beast Boy” a second chance as he stuffed a takedown attempt and whipped around to the back, pounding away until the ref stopped it.

Here’s what fighters had to say about Barnett’s win at UFC 279.