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Published on 14 October 2015

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.  – Abraham Lincoln  

Watching a temper tantrum by a two-year-old is amusing for everyone but the child’s parents. Drunk with power, toddlers abuse their parents with laser sharp focus. Because they are unsure of how to get what they want, they routinely test the boundaries set for them. Some adults, unfortunately, have never surpassed this stage of life and continue to act like a two year old, and continue choosing to abuse their position of “authority” for personal gain and take advantage of people who are lazy or lack common sense to seek truth and/or knowledge about the governance of a sport locally, nationally and internationally.  

Abraham Lincoln earned the nickname “Honest Abe” because he possessed high moral character, which fueled his commitment to ending slavery. Unfortunately, his life ended tragically because of his crusade. Today this lack of seeking truth and understanding the basics of the governing of MMA as a sport of its own, has creates mental slavery for some athletes, gym owners, fans and in some cases even national sport departments.  

Standing up for correct beliefs against the ride of public opinion or common knowledge can be very costly. In fact, it has been five long years and millions of dollars in research and development and some still can’t understand that MMA is a sport of its own, it cannot be compared with boxing, or for that matter it cannot be compared to kickboxing, combat sambo, judo etc. The name explains it, Mixture of Martial Arts, it has special rules and regulations so it demands special officials, special athletes…  No other martial art or combat sport federation should regulate MMA, nor have authority over MMA… It’s simply a beast of its own.  

Character is the motivation to do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. EGO and in this case survival of the fittest constantly pressures leadership to make decisions where they must choose between exercising their power of behaving in an ethical way.  After all, fair competition is the most important principle in any sport!  

When the news is full of this new generation of pop culture and has allowed for social media to create a false sense of success/security and even Social Media “money”, since many athletes are getting paid with media bucks vs. liquid currency. Using couple of seconds of fame as enough reason why they are not getting paid correctly and this actually transcends to many other sports not just MMA.

In the land of the blind the Cyclops is king, many sport leaders around the world are routinely fudging profit reports and stealing from athletes, it makes you wonder whether you can trust anyone. But if you let your strong moral compass guide you, you’ll refrain from abusing authority individuals. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts it means much more than what the common eye can see, it deserves a legit shot!  

The best is yet to come!


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