Islam Makhachev called the main problem in his career

Islam Makhachev called the main problem in his career

Despite a promise to end the fight early, vacant UFC lightweight title contender Islam Makhachev is not expecting an easy walk from his upcoming fight against Brazilian Charles Oliveira.

“I always prepare for a tough fight,” the Russian said in an interview with SHAK MMA. “I won’t say that this is an easy match for me because I respect this guy – he had a difficult life, he went through a difficult path, and fought a lot of hard fights in the UFC. His path has not been easy.”

Makhachev is delighted that, from now on, he will have no problem finding rivals.

“My whole career, I had one problem – all these top guys avoided fighting me for many years, but it’s not my fault. I fought those who were put up against me, and I never chose opponents. Now this problem will not be, because I will become a champion, and all of them will call me.

“I called Chandler, I called Poirier, I called Gaethje but got no response. People keep saying that Islam hasn’t beaten any of the tops, but that’s not my problem. I always wanted to fight the tops, but they didn’t answer my challenge. By the way, Charles Oliveira tried to avoid a fight with me – he asked for a new contract, a money fight, he said he wanted to fight in Brazil, but our fight is already in a week, and I am delighted.”

According to the Russian, his title ambitions are not limited to the lightweight division.

“I need to defend the title at least three or four times, and if in my division there is a situation like at welterweight, where Kamar Usman had to fight everyone in the second round, I will try my hand at another division for the sake of my legacy.”

Makhachev also commented on the words of Oliveira, who said that the legacy of Khabib Nurmagomedov would be a heavy burden to hang on his rival.

“This is not true. Khabib has a very good legacy because no one can beat him, he has a great professional record, he beat a lot of tough guys, and ended his professional career at the peak when no one thought he would retire. At that time, he could beat anyone, defend the title many times and make crazy money, but he didn’t need all this.

Recall that the lightweight title fight will be the main event of the UFC 280 tournament, which will be held on October 22 in Abu Dhabi.