Resultados de UFC Vegas 67: Raquel Pennington logra una reñida victoria por decisión dividida sobre Ketlen Vieira


Raquel Pennington obtuvo otra impresionante victoria en UFC Vegas 67 después de ganar una reñida decisión dividida sobre Ketlen Vieira.

Después de un comienzo difícil, Pennington ajustó su enfoque para hacer que Vieira fuera más vulnerable. También mostró velocidad y boxeo superiores durante toda la pelea. Aunque Vieira intentó responder, no fue suficiente para convencer a los jueces a su favor.

En el recuento final, dos jueces le dieron a Pennington la pelea con puntajes de 29-28 y el tercer árbitro le dio el mismo puntaje de 29-28 a Vieira. Pennington ganó la pelea con 29-[********** scores, and Vieira was awarded the same score.

» «Honestly, I just wanted to get out there and try a bit more,» Pennington stated. I prepared so hard for the fight. I am relieved. It is frustrating because I have a past with judges. But I felt like I did do enough. I was only coming out .»

It was an exciting game with Vieira moving forward, and Pennington responding with quick hands. In return. Vieira was setting up her counter strikes while clearly displaying more power in her hands and also connecting with a quick knee when Pennington got a little too aggressive on the inside.

Vieira was also using her reach advantage, which helped her keep Pennington on the end of her punches but she still had to be wary when The Ultimate Fighter veteran uncorked a combination. Pennington was able to hit multiple strikes at once, and this helped her catch Vieira.

Pennington’s pressure and pace were paying dividends as she really began landing with clean punches that kept Vieira on her heels. Realizing the fight was potentially slipping away from her, Vieira went back to a more aggressive style and that allowed her to start connecting with better strikes, although Pennington seemed undeterred by the challenge.

With time ticking away to the final horn, Vieira sought to swing the odds in her direction with more clinch work against the cage but Pennington wasn’t allowing her to do much from there. While Vieira was maintaining control and even attempting to get her opponent’s back just before time expired, Pennington was still more offensive minded throwing punches and knees that likely helped her secure the decision.

Pennington fell short in her previous bid to become UFC champion but with this win she takes a major step forward towards another shot at gold and perhaps a rematch with Amanda Nunes in the future.

«I am going to say this — five fight win streak,» Pennington shouted. «I deserve respect. Here we are.»