World Mixed Martial Arts Association

Concerning WMMAA in the Republic of Kazakhstan

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (December 1, 2016) – Concerning WMMAA in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In light of misleading information that appeared on the Internet yesterday, WMMAA leadership has announced the following. The situation with the MMA Federation of Kazakhstan is as follows. Its president, Anatoly Kim, and the Federation violated the provisions of the WMMAA constitution on multiple occasions, in particular, did not pay its annual fee. WMMAA addressed this issue informing him that such behavior is unacceptable. The final notice was issued on August 28, 2016, which contained a warning that continuous violation of the Constitution and non-payment of the annual membership fee would lead to suspension of the MMA Federation of Kazakhstan and Anatoly Kim would lose his right to vote at any official meetings under the banner of WMMAA.

At the same time, WMMAA was brought into contact with the National Federation of MMA, pankration and grappling of the Republic of Kazakhstan, headed by its president, Sagindyk Mekeev, who applied for WMMAA membership. The said Federation possessed an accreditation of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan. This fact plays a major role for the World MMA Association since WMMAA intends to join the Olympic family next year with one of the essential conditions being that each WMMAA member should have obtained an NOC accreditation. WMMAA reviewed the application. As of now, National Federation of MMA, pankration and grappling is considered to be a WMMAA candidate.

The issue involving two Kazakhstani Federations was addressed at the WMMAA Congress that took place in Macau and coincided with 2016 World MMA Championship. During the Congress the governing board of WMMAA was updated, thus, the working meeting regarding the Kazakhstan issue was attended by:

Vadim Finkelchtein (WMMAA president);

Fedor Emelianenko (WMMAA honorary president);

Jiuli Han (Asian Division president, Asia governing board vice-president);

Zaya Zaya (Australia and Oceania governing board vice-president);

Yury Navrazhny (WMMAA vice-president);

Viktor Frolov (Europe governing board vice-president);

Alexander Engelhardt (secretary general);

Suresh Gopi (WMMAA development committee head);

Svetlana Odintsova (head treasurer);

Paolo Biotti, Akhmat Glashev, Ekaterina Putova (lawyers).

As a result, two possible scenarios were presented by the board:

– Both Federations join forces to cooperate together;

– Both Federations have until December 31, 2016 to have the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan to make judgement in regards to which Federation is to represent WMMAA in Kazakhstan.

Both presidents were informed that December 31, 2016 is a deadline and should the situation not become clear on that date, the Board reserves the right to make the final decision on the aforementioned topic.

The presidents of both Federations were invited to participate in the meeting. Both were asked whether they are ready to join forces and work together for the sake of MMA and Olympic movement in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Mr. Sagindyk Mekeev stated he was ready and supported such a decision. However, instead of answering the direct question, Mr. Anatoly Kim accused Mr. Mekeev of blatant lies and fraud, although no such evidence was presented, as required by the WMMAA constitution. Impermissible of this type of behavior was emphasized by Fedor Emelianenko, who added that both Federations are put into equal positions. Furthermore, the decision was carried out by the Board and Mr. Kim had no right to insult anyone of violations without proof. Mr. Kim noted in a rude way that, because of the decision, he’s not satisfied and he’d pull Kazakhstani fighters from the upcoming finals. Then, Mr. Kim left the meeting. Mr. Kim’s behavior violated the WMMAA constitution and showed disrespect towards the Board members, including WMMAA honorary president, Mr. Jiuli Han, who represented the hosting country and expressed his willingness to cover any costs should the finalists from Kazakhstan still decide to participate in the finals, in spite of Mr. Kim’s decision. Nevertheless, Mr. Mekeev put in a lot of effort in order to solve the situation and soon he was able to inform that both finalists would still participate and were unwilling to disrupt the world’s leading amateur event’s culmination.

WMMAA considers the behavior of Mr. Kim to be inappropriate, disrespectful and violating the provisions of Olympic Charter, as well as the WMMAA Constitution. WMMAA would like to express its gratitude to the Kazakhstani athletes who did take part in the finals despite Mr. Kim’s attempt to derail the event. The National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan finished in second place among the team leaders thanks to Mr. Mekeev’s efforts whom WMMAA would like to thank for his willingness to solve the issues in a peaceful way and in spirit of the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter.

V.G. Finkelchtein


P.S: “The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play”.

So, participation of the Kazakh team in the WMMAA Championship in Macau was legal according to the above stated provisions of the IOC Charter and the Constitution of the WMMAA. The Constitution of the WMMAA (the old one and the new one as well) does not have any obstacles for such participation of the team of the appropriate country.