Artem Lobov demands thirty million dollars from Conor McGregor

Artem Lobov demands thirty million dollars from Conor McGregor

Russian-Irish fighter Artem Lobov, who became famous thanks to his friendship with Conor McGregor, is trying to sue the former dual UFC champion for several tens of millions of dollars.

According to Russian Hammer, it is he who is the author of the idea to launch the whiskey brand Proper No. 12, but when the business project developed by him single-handedly fired, he was excluded from the number of participants. According to available information, Lobov is demanding from his former best friend 5% of the six hundred million dollars received by McGregor from the sale of the brand.

This was stated in an interview with the Irish Independent by the fighter’s lawyer, Dermot McNamara.

“My client is a professional fighter with a master’s degree in finance and market economics,” the lawyer said. “We have initiated proceedings on his behalf to enforce his agreement with Mr McGregor over the Proper No. 12. My client was the originator and co-founder of an Irish whiskey brand launch project with Mr. McGregor. Since these matters are currently pending before the court, we will not comment further.”

At the same time, McGregor’s press secretary, Karen Kessler, called Lobov’s statements “incorrect.”

It should be noted that in August of this year, Artem Lobov gave an interview in which he spoke about his involvement in the launch of the brand, and also announced that he refused the million dollars offered to him as a thank you by Conor McGregor.