Alex Volkanovski plans to easily break Islam Makhachev

Alex Volkanovski plans to easily break Islam Makhachev

The current UFC featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, who will claim the UFC lightweight title owned by Islam Makhachev in the next fight, explained how he is going to defeat the Russian fighter.

“First of all, I’m not going to stand in front of him,” the Australian told Submission Radio. “With all due respect to Charles, I said in advance that Islam will win because Charles is too direct – he stands in front of the opponent or goes to him, so he is easy to hit and transfer. This will not happen to me – I am going to move a lot, and this will become a problem for Islam, because he will lose a comfortable position for passing to the legs. I move very well and my footwork will be hard to calculate.”

“He calls me ‘shorty’ but he doesn’t even realize that it helps me in confrontations with guys like him. Yes, the advantage in weight and dimensions matters, but I am small and stocky, and therefore it is very difficult for a short man like me to transfer and even more difficult to keep down, especially since I will be working on this for the next three to four months. Looking forward to seeing his face when he realizes that things are not as easy as he expected. I want to see how easily it breaks down when things don’t go the way he planned.”

Recall that the superfight of champions should head the UFC 284 tournament in Perth, Australia on February 11.