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Budapest, Hungary, March 5, 2016

On the 16th of April the official Hungarian Championship under World MMA Association banner will take place in Budapest.

The first round of this event will be organized by Hungarian Kempo Association, at József Gál Sportshall, Cegléd. The most important goal for the competitors is to show a the best possible performance in this competition, because the winners will qualify for a coveted spot in the Hungarian National WMMAA Team.

The World MMA Association will organize the European Championship in St. Petersburg (Russia), in September and the World Championship in Macau (China), in November (locations and dates subject to change).

Ádám Illés Lacza, who is the official Hungarian representative of the WMMAA and president of the Hungarian Kempo Association said: “I hope that these events are going to be great possibilities for the Hungarian mixed martial arts fighters to show their talent to Europe and to the world. If the Hungarian sportsmen intend to become professional and famous MMA fighters, the first step for them is to win the Hungarian WMMAA Championship and to qualify for the European and World WMMAA Championship.”

Organizer: Hungarian Kempo Association under President of the Hungarian Kempo Association Ádám Illés Lacza.
Hungarian KEMPO Association is the exclusive representative of WMMAA in Hungary.

Sponsored by: Gear 360, Magyar Budo, SHIELD Biztonsági Szolgála.

Head: Sandor Bela
Judges: Hungarian Kempo Association official judges.

Competition site: Cegléd, Gál József Sportcsarnok.

Address: 2700, Rákóczi street 33

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