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2016 World MMA Championships November 26-27 in Macau

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The best amateur mixed-martial-arts fighters in the world will compete Nov. 26-27 at the World MMA Championships in Studio City, Macau, China. Close to 100 fighters have registered to compete.  The 2016 European (Russia) and Asian (Kazakhstan) team champions head a list that includes Spain, Australia, Belgian, China, Colombia, France, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Tajikistan, Germany, Hungary, Macao, Nepal, India, South Korea, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Taiwan and Uzbekistan. We’re looking forward to the World MMA Championship in Macau on November 26-27,” WMMAA president Vadim Finkelchtein said. “We expect spectacular, competitive fights.” The WMMAA Congress will also be held to discuss MMA issues relative to children and women, as well as countries being decided to host the 2017 European, Asian and World MMA Championships. A judicial committee will also be created and seminars held for coaches, judges and medical specialists in each country.”
ABOUT WMMAA:  The goal of the World MMA Association is to provide unbiased structure and guardrail the growth of MMA as the official world governing body for Mixed Martial Arts.  A non-profit organization founded in 2012, WMMAA is on a mission to develop a standardized and regulated organization, including competition, training, officiating, testing and growth when necessary.  More than 50 countries have been granted WMMAA membership.