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Published on 09 October 2013

Find the list of Romanian fighters chosen by the local WMMAA member MMA Federation to compete at the World’s

-65,8 kg: Constantin Gica-George – World Kempo Champion – European Kempo Champion

– National MMA Champion

-70.3 Kg: Bucalet Dinu


-77,1 kg: Dragan Mirel – Romania Kempo K1 Champion – European Full-Kempo Champion

– World Full-Kempo Champion

-84 kg: Irimia Alexandru

– Romania Kempo K1 Champion – Romania Full-Kempo Vice-champion

– 3rd World Kempo Champion

-93 kg: Alecsuti Catalin

– Romania MMA Vice-Champion

– Romania Full-Kempo Vice-Champion

+93 kg: Anatolie Ciumac – Romania MMA Champion – European MMA Vice-champion (WMMAA)

– World Kempo Champion


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