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30 Ноябрь 2015

Almost two hundreds aspiring athletes aged from 18 till even seasoned 38 years old took place in 2015 World MMA Championship under the auspices of WMMAA. Third time’s the charm – the largest amount of fighters as expected, that could have been even higher had it not been for visa issues. Regardless, more than enough competition led to a longer than expected first day of competition. The elimination rounds lasted 3 hours longer despite the perfect logistics and working of the organizers of the event.

We present you the official results of the event per weight category + team competition results.

For the brackets see here.

-61,2 kg:

1. Bakhachali Bakhachaliev (Russia)

2. Sergey Morozov (Kazakhstan)

3. Andrey Roa Ruiz Dumar (Colombia)

3. Yuan Liu Ping (China)

-65,8 kg:

1. Magomed Yunusilau (Russia)

2. Zhumageldi Zhalgassuly (Kazakhstan)

3. Archil Taziashvili (Georgia)

3. Elnur Veliev (Ukraine)

-70,3 kg:

1. Gadzhi Rabadanov (Russia)

2. Loik Radzhabov (Tajikistan)

3. Rashid Dagaev (Kazakhstan)

3. Changxin Fu (China)

-77,1 kg:

1. Gadzhimurad Khiramagomedov (Russia)

2. Shavkat Rakhmonov (Kazakhstan)

3. Denis Maher (Belarus)

3. Beknazar Kainazar uulu (Kyrgyzstan)

-84 kg:

1. Gamzat Khiramagomedov (Russia)

2. Dauren Ermekov (Kazakhstan)

3. Daniyar Abdibaev (Kyrgyzstan)

3. Giorgi Lobjanidze (Georgia)

-93 kg:

1. Magomed Ankalaev (Russia)

2. Khasan Mezhiev (Latvia)

3. Michal Kotalik (Czech Republic)

3. Yulian Borisov (Belarus)

+93 kg:

1. Zaur Gadzhibabaev (Azerbaijan)

2. Mokhmad Sulimanov (Kazakhstan)

3. Rizvan Kuniev (Russia)

3. Angelos Giatras (Greece)

Team results

Overall Russia reached a new peak having conquered 6 gold medals out of 7 possible plus bronze in the most prestigious heavyweight category.

Based on the quality of medals Azerbaijan got the second place with the gold in heavyweight by Zaur Gadzhibabaev. This feat made Zaur the first ever 2-time world champion in the most presigious category.

Based on the quantity the second place goes to Kazakhstan that brought home 5 silver and 1 bronze medals losing quantitative throne to Russia by the smallest of margines.

Latvia and Tajikistan took one silver.

China, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia got 2 bronze medals each.

Greece, Colombia, Czech Republic and Ukraine conquered 1 bronze medals.


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