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World Mixed Martial Arts Association – We are the future of MMA – World Mixed Martial Arts Association – We are the future of MMA

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Gratitude from the World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) to all members and their fighters Dear Sirs, On behalf of the World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) we express the sincere gratitude for the participation of the team of your country in the First Official World MMA Championship in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) on October 19-20,… About The World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) aims to be the official world governing body for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is known as the world’s fastest growing sport, with popularity reaching unprecedented levels… World Amateur MMA Championship is the pinnacle of the sport! One of the most significant events in the world of MMA is set to happen in late October of 2013 in Saint Petersburg which has solidified its title of MMA Mecca in Russia. The inaugural Amateur MMA Championship will take place on 19-th and 20-th of… Russian MMA Union: MMA gym opened in Omsk Youth of the Siberian city of Omsk can follow the footsteps of Omsk’s most famous MMA practitioners Alexander Shlemenko, Andrei Koreshkov and Alexander Sarnavskiy. A brand new gym opened its doors in Neftyaniki district of the city. Professional… Russian Amateur MMA Cup in Vladivostok. Aftermath Fighters and promoters talk this highly successful event held in Vladivostok and share their impressions Sergey Lesnikov (-77,1 kg, Vladivostok), Russian Amateur MMA Cup winner -Victory cost me a lot of effort. At one moment I was even starting to… 2013 MMA World Cup regulations World Cup is carried out in accordance with the requirements of World MMA Association. Team competitions are held in 5 weight categories with team classification among the participating countries. Announcement: 2013 MMA World Cup Finals to be held in… WMMAA welcomes Iran as its new member WMMAA is happy to announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran has now become an official member of World MMA Association . Iran is represented by Iran Mixed Martial Arts Association that is responsible for development, sanctioning and protection of… One year anniversary: Russian MMA Union results Today on September 27, 2013 is exactly one year since the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation declared Mixed Martial Arts an official sport. Soon then Russian MMA Union, which is an all-Russian non-profit organization, was founded. Since its… World champion interview: Ekhtigat Adakishiev The World MMA Championship in Saint Petersburg gave birth to several new stars as it gave a lifetime opportunity to hunderds of aspiring athletes from 38 countries to make the world remember their names. One of them is Ekhtigat Adakishiev who became… Znaur Khetagurov is the first ever MMA HW champion of the world Chelyabinsk’s native Znaur Khetagurov prevailed at the First World MMA Championship. 23-year old athlete whom the trainers rightfully call Tank, won three bouts en route to the gold medal. The last on his way was legendary Zaur Gadzhibabaev. After this… Press-release: 2013 World MMA Championship results and video’s On October 20, 2013 the whole world was watching long-anticipated finals of the first ever World MMA Championship held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This tremendous festival of Mixed Martial Arts emanated from the legendary Ice Palace, the venue which… Results from Amateur MMA tournament in Michurinsk, Russia In a provincial Russian Tambov oblast a new step was made to further develop Russian Amateur MMA under the auspices of Russian MMA Union as an Open Amateur MMA tournament was held in the city of Michurinsk. Over 20 athletes challenged each other in… Russian MMA Championship 2013 in Essentuki Essentuki will host Mixed Martial Arts Championship aimed to find the best among 18-20 year-old amateurs November 1-2, 2013 in Essentuki, Russia. Location of the championship: State Pharmaceutical Academy of Pyatigorsk, Kalinina street 2 (preliminary… Kazakhstan MMA: big in Baku On December 14, 2013 the capital city of Azerbaijan gave its stage to the First World Cup among the strongest Amateur MMA Teams of the world. After many regional cups and tournaments throughout 2013 the best 5 countries made it to the finals held in… Russian MMA Cup commenced in Vladivostok Quarterfinals and semifinals are held today. The culmination of amateur competition and pro fights will be witnessed tomorrow on Saturday. Vladivostok, Russia. September 13 2013, Russian MMA Cup started today in Vladivostok. Amateur bouts commenced at…