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Find below the video’s from the finals of the Asian Championship held between the 23-th and 24-th of May in…


WMMAA held its annual Congress between July, 3-5. The total number of the represented countries was at 18


The annual European MMA Championship was held in Baku, Azerbaijan on the 15-st and 16-nd of November. Find the results


Find the official results of 2014 World Amateur MMA Championship that emanated from the Chizhovka Arena which is situated in…

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Assuming super is required, and cup is required, the following results were found.

Super Cup of Russia’s winners get seal-rings from Russian MMA Union and Karat Super Cup of MMA might become history but there is one thing that is worth being mentioned now. It’s the magnificent seal-rings awarded at the conclusion of the MMA event under the WMMAA banner. On December 22 the last Russian Amateur MMA tournament… Russian MMA Super Cup of 2014 On December 20 the Russian city of Khabarovsk will host an annual MMA Super Cup of Russia. Platinum Arena was chosen as the stage for this grand finale of amateur MMA events under Russian MMA Union. Russian Super Cup: seal rings for the winners One of the pivotal highlights of the Russian Super Cup that is now in the books, was the prize every Russian Cup finals winner was rewarded with. This is a seal ring that is made of white gold covered with rodium. The ring decoration is done that way… Russian Super Cup: quick results and photos On December, 20 Khabarovsk set the stage for annual Russian Super Cup where the best amateur MMA practitioners with the best achievements in 2014 were given a chance to lock horns with each other. Besides the bouts among these Russian prospects several… MMA Super Cup results from Kemerovo, Russia KUZBASS center in Kemerovo became home to the first ever MMA Super Cup of Russia The reigning Russian MMA Cup champions and Russian MMA champions of 2013 took on each other in 5 weight categories. Besides that three professional rating bouts with… Russian Super Cup: press conference and weigh-ins Today Khabarovsk hosted an official weigh-in ceremony and the press conference before tomorrow’s final MMA event under Russian MMA Union auspices. The following MMA movement leaders took part in it: Russian MMA Union president Fedor Emelianenko,… Fedor Emelianenko’s visit to Siberia (photo) On December 20 an extensive delegation of Russian MMA Union came to Novosibirsk after an invitation of Novosibirsk MMA Federation. Headed by its president Fedor Emelianenko, Union’s vice-president Vadim Finkelstein, chief executive Dmitry Kuvichka and… Fedor Emelianenko’s seminar in Khabarovsk (photo) Last Emperor came to attend the Super Cup scheduled for tomorrow in the city of Khabarovsk. Russia MMA Union’s president couldn’t miss an opportunity to share his unprecedented experience with locak athletes. Find below the photo gallery from Fedor… ANNOUNCEMENT OF TENDER World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) is looking for long-term cooperation with the national MMA organizations interested to be the representative of WMMAA and to develop MMA as an official sport in the following countries: ESTONIA, POLAND,… Asian Championship press conference in Astana May 23, in the capital of Kazakhstan, in the shopping center “Astana Mall” under Asian Championship was held an official ceremony weighing, press conference and meeting with fans of mixed martial arts. Anatoly Kim , president of Kazakhstan Federation…

June 2014
Slovakian MMA Championship

July 12, 2014
MMA Amateur League GCF Challenge
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

July 19-20, 2014
All-Russian MMA Tournament for the Law Enforcement members
Sevastopol, Russia

August 2014
Riga Challenge 2
Riga, Latvia

August 3, 2014
Canadian MMA Championship
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

August 16, 2014
MMA Amateur League
Czech Republic

September, 2014
Serbian National Championship
Belgrade, Serbia

September 11-12, 2014
World WMMAA Championship
Minsk, Belarus

September 20, 2014
Belgrade MMA open (Amateur MMA)
Belgrade, Serbia

September 24-28, 2014
Russian MMA Cup
Vladivostok, Russia

September 26, 2014
Spain National WMMAA Championship
Madrid, Spain

September 27 2014
International Sambo Martial Arts Tournament
Glow, Bluewater, United Kingdom

October, 2014
Autonomous Province of Vojvodina Championship
Novi Sad, Serbia

October 11, 014
Kazakhstan Cup
Kokchetav, Kazakhstan

October 11, 2014
MMA Amateur League
Pardubice, Czech Republic

October 11, 2014
MMA Amateur League
Pardubice, Czech Republic

October 31, 2014
Croatian PRO MMA event
Porec, Croatia

October 31 – November 2, 2014
European Championship
Baku, Azerbaijan

November 22, 2014
Vojvodina MMA open & National Championship for Cadets and Juniors (Amateur MMA)
Vrbas, Serbia

December 2014
Russian Super Cup
Khabarovsk, Russia

December 6, 2014
Serbian Battle Championship 4 (professional MMA)
Novi Sad, Serbia

December 6, 2014
Croatian PRO MMA event
Vienna, Austria

December 13, 2014
MMA Amateur League
Czech Republic

December 13, 2014
Open Amateur Championship
Zagreb, Croatia

December 2014
World Cup Finals
Kharkov, Ukraine

December 2014
Latvian Amateur MMA Championship