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Latvian Amateur MMA Championship is the future of MMA On September 28-th Latvian MMA Association will hold and all-Latvian MMA Championship in the capital city of Riga to identify the best amateur fighters who will then proceed to represent their motherland at 2013 World Championship in Saint Petersurg,… One year anniversary: Russian MMA Union results Today on September 27, 2013 is exactly one year since the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation declared Mixed Martial Arts an official sport. Soon then Russian MMA Union, which is an all-Russian non-profit organization, was founded. Since its… Hellenic MMA team for the World Championship From the country that basically invented Mixed Martial Arts by introducing Ancient Pancration into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC. Find below the list of its young sons assigned to fight for their motherland’s glory in modern times. -66 kg:… Czech Association of MMA has launched the first Amateur MMA League Czech Association of MMA (CAMMA), the Member of WMMA, has launched the very first Amateur MMA League in Czech Republic On the 7th of September, 2013 the new amateur national MMA tournament started in Prague – Czech National MMA League as organized by… Moldovan MMA Team Moldovan warriors that are going to take on the rivals in the context of the World Amateur MMA Championship are listed below: -65,8 kg: Artur Goia Age: 23 y.o. Height: 172 cm Accomplishments: Moldova K-1 champion MMA Pro bouts: 0 MMA training length:… Kazakhstan Team fighters for the World MMA Championship. Updated list This time it’s turn of Kazakhstan to demonstrate its fighters that aspire to become amateur world champions and consequently proceed to conquer new heights. Upon extensive training regimen the corrected list of the Kazakhstan MMA Top Team… Ukrainian MMA Team: thoughts and expectations The World Martial Arts Games will emanate from the 17-th till 20-th of October in Saint Petersburg . Ice Palace will host World MMA Championship under the auspices of World MMA Association . The World MMA Championship is organized in the context of the… World MMA Champioship 2013: Romanian MMA Team Find the list of Romanian fighters chosen by the local WMMAA member MMA Federation to compete at the World’s -65,8 kg: Constantin Gica-George – World Kempo Champion – European Kempo Champion – National MMA Champion -70.3 Kg: Bucalet Dinu -77,1 kg:… Georgian MMA Team for the MMA World Championship National Federation of MMA Georgia provided the names of its representatives for the upcoming 2013 World Amateur MMA Championship. -66 kg: Archil Taziashvili. Height: 180 cm Age: 22 y.o. -70 kg: Rauli Tutarauli Height: 177 cm Age: 21 y.o. -77 kg:… Slovak MMA team interviews Know your heroes better. Find the short interviews and the photos of the Slovak MMA Team members that soon will be competing under MMA rules against the best amateur athletes in the world. -71Kg Ludovít Klein ( Genkikan Academy Nove Zamky ), ranked… Press-release: 2013 World MMA Championship results and video’s On October 20, 2013 the whole world was watching long-anticipated finals of the first ever World MMA Championship held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This tremendous festival of Mixed Martial Arts emanated from the legendary Ice Palace, the venue which… Russian Amateur MMA Cup in Vladivostok. Aftermath Fighters and promoters talk this highly successful event held in Vladivostok and share their impressions Sergey Lesnikov (-77,1 kg, Vladivostok), Russian Amateur MMA Cup winner -Victory cost me a lot of effort. At one moment I was even starting to… Ukraine is part of World MMA development Mixed Martial Arts become ever more popular. Proof to the thesis is an always growing number of new MMA-related gyms being opened in the membering countries of World MMA Association. Latest example was a Grand Opening ceremony that took place in the… World Amateur MMA Championship: Azerbaijan team goes for the gold Young up-and-coming Azeri warriors will embark on the course of winning the World Amateur MMA Championship. Azerbaijan Mixed Martial Arts League assigned the representatives of the Caucasus republic. Here is the list: -66 kg: TBA -70 kg: Ekhtigat… World MMA Championship: Korean Team Korea has always been known as the country that produced some of the best fighters in history of various Martial Arts. Nowadays Korea has righfully become a hotbed for MMA. No wonder that Korean MMA Federation has the highest expectations from the… Russian MMA Union: MMA gym opened in Omsk Youth of the Siberian city of Omsk can follow the footsteps of Omsk’s most famous MMA practitioners Alexander Shlemenko, Andrei Koreshkov and Alexander Sarnavskiy. A brand new gym opened its doors in Neftyaniki district of the city. Professional… MMA officially presented in Ukraine’s biggest sports exhibition Ukraine MMA Federation took part in exhibition named “Sports and Sports Industry of Ukraine”. This exhibition-like forum gathered numerous aports organizations of the country under one roof in the capital city of Kiev. It was held in the context of the… Ukraine’s first MMA Cup results On November 9-th Ivano-Frankovsk hosted inaugural MMA Cup of Ukraine. 137 fighters from 20 regions that are official members of Ukraine’s MMA Federation came to battle for gold. See the complete photo gallery here Ivano-Frankovsk MMA Federation… Report from first ever Kazakhstan national MMA championship Astana hosted the first ever Kazakhstan Amateur MMA Championship under the auspices of MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in collaboration with Kazakhstan MMA Top Team The event was hold on August, 23 and became a huge success… Press-conference: Azerbaijan National MMA team: 1 gold, 1 silver Baku, Azerbaijan. October, 25: In the context of 2013 World MMA Championship Azerbaijani athletes delivered the following results in the competition held in Saint Petersburg: one gold and one silver medal. For the detailed analysis of the results…


October 2013
World Cup among national teams (zone II: Аustria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Prague, Czech Republic

December 15-16, 2013
Finals of World Cup among national teams