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Published on 09 July 2014


WMMAA held its annual Congress between July, 3-5. Multiple Federations were present as the presidents, vice-presidents and general secretaries flew in from all around the world: Italy, Czech Republic, CIS countries, Monaco, Morocco, America and Asia… The total number of the represented countries was at 18. The first day was dedicated to the discussion of multiple hot topics pertaining to statutes, amendment of the rules, places, dates and conditions for the next major international championships under the WMMAA auspices. Every country got an opportunity to speak out about any matter regarding WMMAA’s functioning. The following day the members proceeded with democratic voting for various topics ranging from the strategic selection of committee members to the possibility of more stringent restriction (the number of pro bouts) for the athletes allowed to take part in the WMMAA amateur competition.

Also Joel Bouzou, vice-president of WMMAA spoke on several occasions on topic of ehtic conduct, underpinning the difference between moral and ethics and suggesting to improve the WMMAA rules of combat by adding an alinea concerning ethics and repsect. This addition might soon be heard clearly by the fans when the referees start reminding the fighters about this intangible side of battle moments before their bout commences.

Please find below the main points of voting during the last day of the WMMAA Congress. Adapting the statutes discussed during the previous day – passed unanimously. Amending the rules as discussed previously – passed unanimously. Confirmation of recognition of the current WMMAA president Vadim Finkelchtein – passed unanimously. Next elections into Governing body, Executive board and the heads of the WMMAA Continents took place. It was voted for by majority to hold One World Championships each year. November was chosen unanimously to become the month for the future World Championships. Voting for non-open Continental Championships. Non-open championships were voted for unanimously effective of Jan 1, 2015. Since the continental championships were chosen to become accessible strictly for the residents of the continents in question the Congress decided to launch a series of tournaments with an open geography where other nations are allowed to participate as well. Voting for the date when the previous rule (closed championships) comes into effect: jan 1, 2015 or Autumn 2014. January 1, 2015 by majority.

Last but not least: Universal implementation of SportsID system. Countries that have NOT implemented this system and have NOT let their local athletes register themselves and get SportsID members cads will not be allowed to take part in the future international championships.

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