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Published on 11 December 2015

On December 9th, the two leaders of the German Amateur MMA Federation (GAMMAF), which is the germanrepresentatives of the World MMA Association, Adrian and Lusen Bakos, have had a personal meeting with Peter Angerer, President of Shooto Germany.

Within a few hours the three decided to work together for the benefit of all MMA athletes in Germany and to join forces, to make MMA an official recognized sport in Germany. 

Peter Angerer declared that Shooto Germany will fully support the work and goals of the GAMMAF in Germany and will assist the GAMMAF in all future activities. With an unparalleled gesture of will for a cooperation of the two organizations the three decided a wide and close cooperation for the well of all MMA athletes in Germany. This includes:

1. Athletes of the two organizations will be treated equal by the two governing bodies. This means, that, for example, all athletes of the GAMMAF can join Shooto events in Germany for free as long as they have a valid membership in the GAMMAF and vice versa. This includes also the right for GAMMAF athletes to fight for german Shooto titles in the Amateur and Professional divisions.

2. All future GAMMAF events will be considered in the german Shooto rankings. Also the Shooto members can fight on GAMMAF events with the results being considered for the german Shooto rankings.

3. Both organizations will select a common germannational team to represent the country at European- and Worldchampionships of the WMMAA and Shooto.

4. Shooto Germany offers their complete structure of trainingscamps and Shooto Gyms for use by GAMMAF to hold special trainings for the TEAM GERMANY of both organizations.

The announcement has been made officially yesterday night on, the Fighting Network for Shooto, ADCC, Shidokan, the German Top Team and now the GAMMAF. Through this website, which has been established in 2010, the GAMMAF can spread news and info about all future events, results and news to interested readers all over Germany.


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