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World MMA Championships is coming to Kazakhstan (release)

Between 6 and 7 October the capital city of Kazakhstan is hosting a major event: 5th World MMA Championships. Over 100 participants are expected to fly from all over the world.


Male fighters split into 8 weight categories will clash with each other. Female MMA practitioners will be divided into 2 weight categories which will mark the debut of this gender at WMMAA's World MMA Championships.


On multiple occasions Astana proved to be an excellent stage for various events concerning political, economical of sports activities. Multiple World Championships have been attracting thousands of athletes from all over the world.


This year Kazakhstan was given a wonderful opportunity to host the World MMA Championships and greet representatives from over 30 countries.


Expected to be guests of honor during the event are Fedor Emelianenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov and more.


The event will be broadcast LIVE by Match Boets, Boxing TV, Kazakhstan TV and QazSport. Euronews TV brigade is expected to be present and the event, too.


The championships are organised by National MMA, pankration and grappling Federation of the republic of Kazakhstan with support of Astana government, Ministry for Information and Communications, AO Samruk-Kazyna.