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Pan-American Division welcomes WMMAA Ecuador

President Tomas Yu of WMMAA Pan-American Division has appointed Gorky E. Rodriguez president of WMMAA Ecuador as our official affiliate.


Gorky E. Rodriguez is the president and official representative in Ecuador and the newest member to the WMMAA Pan-American Affiliate Family.


“MMA is in a critical times, it’s explosive growth this past decade has made MMA the fastest growing sport in the world, demanding that an organization like ours to exist, to add unbiased structure not just for athletes but also as regulatory bodies”.


Much continues to happen since WMMAA Ecuador was formed. We will celebrate our first participation as a national team in the Pan-American Championships this 2017. I look forward to using my experience and the volumes of knowledge the WMMAA Pan-American Division brings to Ecuador. I share the vision and with all my efforts we will defend, promote and endorse MMA as a sport and to give all participants and fans a significant difference in the sport. Said Gorky E. Rodriguez




Hector Molina Director of Regulatory Committee for WMMAA Pan-American Division will be working closely with Gorky during the formation of the WMMAA Ecuador Regulatory Committee.


“We continue to grow with every new country and take the MMA movement, and the recognition of MMA as a sport, forward. I have long been an advocate of MMA as a sport, and seeing this great group of pioneers put up a great fight, takes us back to basics and what Martial Arts represent, Loyalty, Honor, Family. said Tomas Yu.