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Making the Cut

For many years in the professional sport of Mixed Martial arts weight cutting has been seen as a hand in hand necessity to be competitive. Weight cutting has also been seen as detrumental to a fighters health leading up to a period of physical exhaustion. Dehydrating the body as much as some of these athletes do can lead to organ failure and that alone should be cause enough for big name organizations to ban it outright. Soon to be gone are the days of fighters looking sucked in and skeletal just a day or two before going in to compete at a high level.


The World Mixed Martial Arts Association has already begun to take steps towards saving young fighters lives and overall career longevity. Fighters weigh in the same day as competition and are not allowed to show signs of weight cutting. This allows the athletes to maintain a healthy body weight and hydration level and lets them keep on fighting to make a living. In a professional world that doesn't make fighter health and safety the number one priority over profit, it's good to see companies who do. Going forward hopefully more and more companies adopt the safety-first plan employed under the WMMAA banner