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Canada new member of WMMAA

The WMMAA Pan-American Division has announced that Canada is the newest member of its worldwide association.


CAMMAC (Canadian Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Council) is the National body for AMMA in Canada. Its inner-structure is comprised of 13 branches, representing one for each Province, united under one umbrella.



“This is definitely a great moment for AMMA in Canada. The sport has grown exponentially and the general consensus amongst our representatives was that we needed to work together to assist that growth.” says CAMMAC President Andrew Redden. “We want to see AMMA become accessible to every athlete in every Province, and when we looked at the World Mixed Martial Arts Association’s core principles, we felt they reflected our vision in Canada in addition to their abundant value in structure and leadership.


CAMMAC has set up clear goals in addition to complying with the WMMAA Pan-American strict requirements. The Council has also been in contact with Provincial Governments and has specifically structured several of its policies so that it meets all formal demands in order to be recognized as a National Sport Organization (NSO).



“It is critical for an organization like ours to exist, to add unbiased structure not just for athletes, but also as regulatory bodies,” Redden said. “Much has happened since our appointment. We are bringing the Canadian National Team to Mexico in our very first event with WMMAA the 2017 Pan-American Championships, by far the a largest MMA event in the Americas.


“Canada is now a proud member of the WMMAA’s Pan-American Division Family”


“On behalf of the World MMA Association Pan-American Division, we would like to congratulate and welcome the Canadian Mixed Martial Arts Council on its recent appointment as our new affiliate,” adds s Yu, Pan-American Division President. “It is important to reflect on how the WMMAA movement will continue to grow in a new era of MMA.


The WMMAA movement is essentially an educational movement and for this reason we encourage events such as the National Continental and International MMA Championships to promote MMA development, among all ages of participants, especially youth through sport, MMA and the WMMAA code of conduct. Let us build together for a peaceful and better world. Let us strive to provide and education for all in which sport, MMA and WMMAA ideals play an essential role, based on values, respect, dignity, tolerance and solidarity.”


“As the role of the MMA movement in society continues to grow, so do the expectations of the public with regard to the credibility of the governing associations adds Tonya Foreman of CAMMAC. “The standards of good governance, transparency and accountability are ever evolving for everyone of us. We look forward to this opportunity of contributing to the WMMAA to continue the fight and to make history in Canada and the MMA world”.