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2. Quali-Turnier SMMAC Newcomer Tournament announcement

Official invitation to tender of SMMAC Newcomer Tournament 2017 by SAMMAF

The SAMMAF sanctions on April 8th 2017 in the GZ Heuried, Döltschiweg 130, 8055 Zürich

The first MMA Amateur Championship of Switzerland in tournament form. At the 1st qualifying tournament and 4 additional tournaments (+ 1 x seminar / points training), the competitors will receive points won for each won but also lost battle throughout the season. Those of a weight class who have the most points in the last tournament will face the final in an exclusive amateur FIGHT NIGHT.



Category K-1 operates on the same principle and is sanctioned by ISKA Swiss. In the Grappling, a separately run tournament per qualifying tournament is conducted according to Submission only System1 and is independent of the combat disciplines MMA and K-1.

SAMMAF is supported by GAMMAF and WMMAA as a partner. The common goal is the recognition of the MMA sport.


In order to ensure rapid treatment in the event of serious injuries, the SAMMAF works alongside the specialist combat veterinarians of the association with their SRS Medical partner, who will be on site with a hospital car.

The health of amateurs is the first priority during the whole tournament.

Amateur athletes from all clubs, clubs and sports schools and associations from all over the world are invited to take part in this competition. Thus we guarantee the participants a challenge on an international level.


During the 4 qualifying tournaments the competitors receive the following points:

MMA & K-1:

C-Class (Fighters with less than 5 fights):

Win --> 10 Points

Lose --> 5 Points

B-Class (Fighters with more than 5 fights):

Win --> 10 Points

Lose --> 15 Points


Fight in a higher weight category (max. 1 higher!):

Win --> +5 points surcharge to the normal points

Lose ---> +5 points surcharge to the normal points


Note: Due to short-term cancellations or non-rebounds, it is possible that an opponent from max. A higher weight class for which you get more points.

Participation in the seminar / puncture training: 10 points

Those of a weight class with the most points come in the final (where the A-Class rules are fought in the MMA category).


At each qualifying tournament there will be a prize for all participants.

This tournament also serves the squad's view and qualification for the European and World Championships of the WMMAA. The winners of the finals on 30 September 2017 in Basel will be in the Swiss national team and will be automatically qualified for the European Championship / World Cup 2018.

The same applies to the winners of the K-1 tournament, except that they can compete as a Swiss national team in the ISKA World Cup. Travel, accommodation and meals The costs for the journey, food and the accommodation are taken over by the competitors / gyms themselves. There will be food and drinks to buy on the event.



Registration, Wage and Doctor Check:

For C-fighters on 08.04.17 at 10:15 - 11:15 clock

For B-fighters on 04.08.17 at 11:15 o'clock - 12:15 o'clock

Tolerance for the balance: For all +700g


Location: GZ Heuried, Döltschiweg 130, 8055 Zürich

Note: We'll start with the C-battles before the B-battles come, because of that, Cfighters have to come to the scales earlier.

If you are late, you will not be able to start.

Door opening for guests:

At 13:00 am

Accompanied by the gyms and fighters, the viewers can be separated in the same way (exceptionally!).


Start of competitions:

At 13:15 am


End of the competitions:

At the latest at 8:30 pm


Registration is possible at the following email address: Swissmma@hotmail.com

With the following information per competitor:

-> First name, last name, weight, age, desired combat style / category (junior, C or B) / weight class, current fighting statistics (in all combat sports!), Gym, trainer


Start fee and membership:

A start fee of CHF / EUR 25 .-- is payable per fighter, which must be paid on the tournament day (The starting fee is not the same like the SAMMAF/ISKA Membership!)


For MMA participants, an annual membership with the SAMMAF (WMMAA) is due for CHF / EUR 25 .--, where an official WMMAA card (see picture below) is created for each fighter. With this you can participate in all qualification tournaments and in the future also at other SAMMAF and SMMAC events.

For more information on the benefits of the card, contact info@sammaf.com


For K-1 participants, the ISKA pass and the 2017 year mark are compulsory.

Purchasing Price Trainer:

ISKA Pass: CHF / EUR 10 .--

Year mark: CHF / EUR 15 .--

Grappling participants do not need to acquire membership.

All passports and tickets will be available on the 1st qualifying tournament during the registration of the fighters.


Doctorate, identity card, proof of insurance, confirmation of the educationally entitled (minors)

At the registering (08.04.2017):
- Every fighter needs a medical certificate from the doctor that his health is safe to perform full contact sports. See the link below for the medical document: https://www.sammaf.com/regeln

- Identity card for the identification and control of age

- insurance proof (policy, insurance card, etc.)

- In the case of minors, a signature / confirmation of the persons entitled to education is required for participation


Number of free entries for coaches:

There are 2 coaches free for each gym, and only 2 coaches are permitted in the ring corner (sitting!) and in the ring during the break.


Protective gear:

A-Youth: Head protection, shin guards, mouth guard and low protection are obligatory
C-Class: Shin Guards, Mouthguards and Groin Guard are compulsory
The head guard is also obligatory, except both fighters agree to do without. If one carries him must also automatically the
carry it.


B-Class: Shin Guards, Mouthguards and Groin Guard are compulsory

The head guard is also obligatory, except both fighters agree to do without. If one carries him must also automatically the
Others carry it.


Gloves (for all!):

Only 6 ounces allowed! (Last time we saw that not all 6 ounces of gloves had and exceptions.) If you have less than 6 ounces this time, you will not be able to compete. There will be MMA-Amateur Gloves for a good price to buy at the event.


For more details on the event see its regulation in English here.


by Mikhail Mazur