World Mixed Martial Arts Association

Monterrey 2017: message from Tomas Yu

Pan-Am president Tomas Yu addresses the upcoming Pan-Am Championships to be held in Monterrey, Mexico.

President of the Asociacion Mexicana WMMAA (FEMEXAMM, A.C.)

President of the Mexican WMMAA Committee

President of PANAM 2017 Organizing Committee

Head of the State Commission for the Preparation and Delivery of the Monterrey


Dear Friends and Colleagues, WMMAA PAN-AMERICAN members Ladies and Gentlemen

This is a journey of great anticipation and wonderful dreams. As we awarded Monterrey to be our 2017 Hosting city for the WMMAA Pan-American Championships, we will enjoy Mexico’s rich heritage and culture, the Continent’s best MMA athletes are gathering in the WMMAA PANAM’s 2017. And from voicing athlete’s experience I can tell you they dream many dreams. They are longing for their day of competition.

They finally want to show the world the high standards they have achieved after many years of hard training and tough competition. They are craving for the moment when the WMMAA Flame is shining over Monterrey and it becomes clear for everybody that the athletes have gathered here for sport, for excellence, for friendship. There is also a lot of anticipation among us, the PANAM Board Members. We are responsible for giving the athletes the opportunity to make their dream come true, to create the framework for fair competition, to prepare the stage for unique MMA performances.

And just three months away from the opening of the PANAM 2017 Championships we can tell the athletes: the stage, your Monterrey MMA stage is ready.

To realize what a great achievement this is, we should remember that in 5 short years our project to create the best possible conditions for the athletes, a project to modernize a national, continental and World Championships is now a reality with 72 affiliate countries, transforming the sport to a year-round international tourism attraction, conventions and sports destinations.

With this project Monterrey won the election. We can see that Monterrey, that Mexico has delivered. I would like to thank the President of the Asociacion Mexicana WMMAA (FEMEXAMM, A.C.), Mr. Hector Molina for the great commitment he has shown to the WMMAA Pan-American Championships, from leading the candidature until today.

It gives us the opportunity to realize the wide relevance of WMMAA; to stress the importance of martial arts in society; and to disseminate and promote our values. The WMMAA is first of all a sports organization. As defined by the WMMAA Charter, our mission is “to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity”. With the WMMAA Championships we want to show world that such a peaceful society is possible, that competition among people can happen in harmony and with respect for the dignity of all with the indispensable values of martial arts such as RESPECT, LOYALTY, HONOR and DISCIPLINE.

We can only achieve if we protect the athletes, if we protect the venues. This we can only achieve if these WMMAA Values of fair play, respect and friendship can be freely exercised in the WMMAA Championships. Respect means that we all fight together against any form of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation or any other prejudice. So we have been greatly satisfied by the assurances received from the President of the Asociacion Mexicana WMMAA (FEMEXAMM, A.C.)  that the WMMAA Charter will be fully respected during this WMMAA Championships.

This is our WMMAA PAN-AMERICAN’s responsibility: To ensure the application of the WMMAA Charter for the WMMAA Championships. This is also where our limits are. We are not a supra-national government, we are not a superior Continent parliament, and we do not have a mandate to impose measures on sovereign states. But by living up to our responsibilities we are having a positive influence on the development of societies through the mixture of martial arts. We contribute to peace. The WMMAA Championships send a clear message to all the athletes and all the political leaders of the Continent. The PANAM Movement embraces the global diversity of cultures, societies and life designs as a source of richness by developing martial scholars.

We want to prove that respect for rules, respect for your competitor and, respectful dialogue can transcend all differences. Boycotts of any kind undermine these fundamental principles and values. The PANAM Movement always stands for building bridges to bring people together, not for digging trenches to keep them apart. The PANAM  Movement exists to place martial arts at the service of humanity. The athletes are at the forefront of this effort.

The PANAM Movement stands for the human right to compete, for global solidarity, for equal rights for all athletes, stands for sustainable sports development, stands for building peace through the mixture of martial arts. This is the message that the PANAM Championships send to the world of politics and to society. We want politicians and leaders in society to understand this message and to ponder how they can make their societies better by applying these martial art principles in their area of responsibility. In this ambitious Endeavour to contribute to a better and more peaceful world we can only succeed if we can cooperate with political leaders who share our vision that “martial art scholars can change nations “.

The WMMAA Pan-American Championships – MONTERREY 2017 will be a once in a lifetime experience and in history forever.