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Maldonado – Emelianenko appeal to WMMAA

WMMAA   /   News   /   Maldonado – Emelianenko appeal to WMMAA WMMAA has received an appeal from Stefano Sartori, manager of Brazilian fighter Fabio Maldonado. In his appeal mister Sartori asks to appoint an independent judges’ commission that would reassess the results of the bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Fabio Maldonado. Since all the rights belong to the organizing party of the event, Fight Nights promotion, any reassessment would be made possible if triggered by the promotion in question. However, based on the received appeal, WMMAA’s overall responsibility for positive cooperation within sports community and because the whole issue brought up a lot of negative publicity towards judges of Russian MMA Union which is part of WMMAA, the Association is forced to react and assess both the situation occurred as well as the quality of decisions made by its licensed judges. Accordingly, WMMAA’s president announces the following sequence of actions: – appoint Secretary General Alexander Engelhardt responsible for handling of the said appeal procedure; – appoint a group of objective international judges under the guidance of experienced referee / judge in Marco Broersen (the Netherlands); the group is to assess the fight based on the tape and render an unbiased verdict regarding the fight and the work of judges. – temporarily suspend WMMAA’s head judge Radmir Gabdullin from his position. – discuss judges’ work at the next WMMAA Congress taking into account the pending verdict of the independent commission. Below is the mail of Fabio Maldonado’s manager: