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WMMAA held its annual Congress between July, 3-5. The total number of the represented countries was at 18


The annual European MMA Championship was held in Baku, Azerbaijan on the 15-st and 16-nd of November. Find the results


Find the official results of 2014 World Amateur MMA Championship that emanated from the Chizhovka Arena which is situated in…


This year’s Asian MMA Championship will hail from Khudzhand, Tajikistan on May 22-25 and will be held at the national…


World MMA Association Congress in the Netherlands

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Published on 16 October 2015 USA, July 21st, 2015 – President Tomas Yu of WMMAA Pan-American Division has appointed Dr. Ramsey as our newest member for the Pan-American Medical Committee. On behalf of the World MMA Association Pan-American Division, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome Dr….


Published on 15 October 2015 Fighters such as Federico “Infante” Torres, Carlos “Chicho” Irigoitia, Enrique “Yacare” Silva, Peter Colman, Haruki Armoa among many others are prepared to compete on Saturday 17 October for a place on the plane that will bring the Paraguayan MMA National Team…


Published on 14 October 2015 Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.  – Abraham Lincoln   Watching a temper tantrum by a two-year-old is amusing for everyone but the child’s parents. Drunk with power, toddlers abuse their parents…


Published on 13 October 2015 Check the highlight video from the latest Belarussian National MMA Championship among the amateur athletes. …


Published on 08 October 2015 On September 26 the best Belarussian athletes gathered near the rings located in BGUFK. Find below the results from the Open MMA Championship of Belarus. …


Published on 06 October 2015 Marketing is one of those things each needs to be aware of and to pay attention to when developing his team or organisation. Kazakhstan MMA Federation took it to another level when it created its own anthem! Check this out and get inspired! The track is performed by Inostranci and Big Som. Text …


Published on 05 October 2015 See the full photo gallery from the Battle of Nomads 6 event held on October 4 in Aktybinsk, Kazakhstan. The event showcases the regional Asian talent (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia and so on). …


Published on 05 October 2015 Aktyubinsk hosted the second annual Republican MMA Cup and international professional MMA event under the auspices of WMMAA’s Asian Division dubbed «BATTLE OF NOMADS-6». Professional part of the night was filled with fireworks as seasoned veterans and aspiring newcomers took on one …


Published on 05 October 2015 Russian MMA Union’s sanction amateur MMA Championship took place in the northern region of Khanty-Mansiysk – YUGRA on October 3-4. Find the results hereunder: -61,2 kg: 1. Sharaputdin Ataev 2. Khairulla Magomedov 3. Shavkatdzhon Khudoberdiev   -65,8 kg: 1. Ivan Bondarchuk 2. Ravsha…


Published on 03 October 2015 Aktyubinsk hosted the second annual Republican MMA Cup and international professional MMA event under the auspices of WMMAA’s Asian Division dubbed «BATTLE OF NOMADS-6». Over 100 amateur athletes from every corner of Kazakhstan competed between 18 and 19 September in the context of …


Published on 03 September 2015 Dear friends, Prague is a beautiful city and the Czech Republic is a beautiful country. We Czechs are proud of our country and our capital city as we are very proud to host the best amateur MMA fighters of the world in our home, in the year 2015. For three days – in the town where many heroes of Eu…


Published on 03 September 2015 Miami, Florida – World MMA Association –and Battle Brotherhood will launch on September 11th, 2015 a WORLD ALLIANCE, an international initiative to support and honor service members and their families. The initiative aims to educate, challenge, and spark action from all sectors of every…


Published on 29 August 2015 2015 World Championship will be held on 26-29 of November in the beautiful capital of Czech Republic, Prague. Each member of the WMMAA family is officially invited to participate in this upcoming celebration of combat sport action, dignity and mutual respect. The event is organized by our prominent member, Czech association of MMA in collaboration with Czech Martial Arts Union and Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech republic. Please find below the regulations of the upcoming championship. …


Published on 25 August 2015 Recently Russian MMA Union held its regular congress that took place in Moscow Olympic village that had been built for the Olympic Games back in 1980. Watch the video from August, 22 + a photo gallery from the event. …


January 18
MMA Seminar in Cuba

January 18
Cage Survivor 3 in Athens, Greece

January 24
MMA Mania in Torino, Italy

January 24
Maxima Pojistovna MMA Liga in Prague, Czech Republic

January 29-31
Fight Club in Firenze, Italy

February 1
2k9 Trial Series in Argentina

February 8
Interregional Championship Nord-Es in Cavazzale, Italy

February 8
Judge and referee seminar in Athens, Greece

February 15
Arts of War 2 in Lecce, Italy

February 15
Gala Kempo Elite Wicked One Tournament in Paris, France

February 16
RXF 16 (pro) in Targoviste, Romania

February 21
MMA Liga in Prague, Czech Republic

February 21
Latvian Top Fighters – Open Cage 4 in Riga, Latvia

February 22
Amateur MMA Championship in Athens, Greece

February 25
2k9 Trial Series in Argentina

February 25
GCF 30 in Prague, Czech Republic

February 28
La Notte dei Gladiatori in Lecce, Italy

March 1
Oltenia MMA Cup in Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

March 7
Night Warriors in Cento, Italy

March 7
Gala Kempo Elite GFA 2 in Nimes, France

March 8
National Championship, First round, Western Section in Százhalombatta, Hungary

March 13
Rivals MMA 1 in Montreal, Canada

March 13
Invictus Fighters 9 in Ciudad de Salta, Argentina

March 13
FFC 18 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

March 14
Cage Warriors in Taranto, Italy

March 14
National Championship, Second round, Eastern Section in Gyula, Hungary

March 15
2k9 Trial Series in Argentina

March 16
RXF 17 in Craiova, Romania

March 18
1st Trial Series 2K9 Ultimatum region sur in Bariloche, Argentina

March 18
MMA Seminar in Cuba

March 20
XFFC 6 in Grande Prairie, Canada

March 20-22
Ukrainian National Championship in Kiev

March 21
Czech Open in Prague, Czech Republic

March 21
Elite 1 MMA in Moncton, Canada

March 21
National MMA Championships in Bucharest, Romania

March 22
1st trial Series 2k9 Ultimatum region centro in Rio Cuarto, Argentina

March 27
Unified MMA 22 in Edmonton, Canada

March 27
Havoc FC 8 in Red Deer, Canada

March 27
GCF Challenge : Back in the fight 4 in Pribram, Czech Republic

March 28
Fight4Pride 3 in Laval, Canada

March 28
Battlefield Fight League 35 in Vancouver, Canada

March 28
Kenpo National Championship in Lyon, France

March 29
Fight or Nothing in Firenze, Italy

March 29
National MMA Championship in Athens, Greece

April 2-5
PFO Championship in Kirovsk, Russia

April 2-5
UFO Championship in Tyumen, Russia

April 2-5
SFO Championship in Novosibirsk, Russia

April 4
Mega evento de MMA in Junin, Argentina

April 4
2nd Trial Series 2k9 Ultimatum region norte in Concordia, Argentina

April 4
Ronin Fight in Bariloche, Argentina

April 4
Kazakhstan National Championship in Uralsk, Kazakhstan

April 4
Battle of Nomads 3 in Uralsk, Kazakhstan

April 11
Oktagon in Milano, Italy

April 11
La Jaula del Dogo 2 in Azul, Argentina

April 11
Gala Kempo Elite GOTA IV in Aubenas, France

April 12
National MMA Cup in Milano, Italy

April 12
1st Trial Series 2k9 Ultimatum in Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 14
2015 Qualifying Tournament, Cuba

April 15
FFC 19 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

April 15
Provincial Fighting Championship 4 in London, Canada

April 16-18
National MMA Championship in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

April 16-18
National Judge & Referee Seminar in Antalya, Turkey

April 16-19
SZFO Championship, Russia

April 16-19
UFO Championship in Volgograd, Russia

April 16-19
SKFO Championship Grozny, Russia

April 17
Spanish National Championship trials in Madrid, Spain

April 17
2nd Trial Series 2k9 Ultimatum region centro in Tucuman, Argentina

April 18
Gala Kempo Elite KOC 8 in Cognac, France

April 18
Cadet & Junior National MMA Championship in Riga, Latvia

April 18
Transilvania MMA Cup in Bistrita, Romania

April 18-19
National Championships in Antalya, Turkey

April 19
Pro Kombat Fight Show in Barletta, Italy

April 23-26
DVFO Championship Vladivostok, Russia

April 23-26
CFO Championship in Moscow, Russia

April 23-26
KFO Championship in Sevastopol, Russia

April 24
Fivestar Fight League 14 in Fort St. John, Canada

April 24
2nd Trial Series 2k9 Ultimatum region sur in Puerto Madrin, Argentina

April 26
Interregional Championship Centro Italia in Viterbo, Italy

April 26
2nd Trial Series 2k9 Ultimatum in Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 27
RXF 18 in Cluj, Romania

April 29
Combate Extremo Gladiatores MMA in Malvinas Argentinas, Argentina

April 31
2k9 Trial Series in Argentina

Kazakhstan Republican Tournament

May 1
2k9 Trial Series 2 in Argentina

May 1
National Championship (Seniors) in Belgrade, Serbia

May 1-3
National Championship in Chisinau, Moldova

May 2
National Championship (1st half) in Seoul, South Korea

May 2
Hybrid Pro Series 3 in Gatineau, Canada

May 2
Judge & Referee seminar in Villeurbanne, France

May 2
Gala Kempo Elite LFC V in Villeurbanne, France

May 4
National Referee seminar in Tehran, Iran

May 8
2k9 Trial Series 2 in Argentina

May 10
Interregional Championship Nord-Ovest in Brandizzo, Italy

May 15
2k9 Trial Series 2 in Argentina

May 15
International Judge & Referee Seminar in Riga, Latvia

May 15
FFC 20 in Sofia, Bulgaria

May 16
KnocKOut in the Cage in Roma, Italy

May 17
French Open Kenpo Elite in France

May 20
2k9 Trial Series 2 in Argentina

May 21-22 May
Referree Seminar in Cuba

May 22-23
WMMAA Asian MMA Championship in Khujand, Tajikistan

May 23
Gala Kempo Elite VIIIe Masters Kenpokan in Nice, France

May 23-24
Cuba National Championship

May 23
Moldavia MMA Cup in Vaslui, Romania

May 24
2k9 Trial Series 2 in Argentina

May 25
RXF 19 (pro) in Brasov, Romania

May 28-31
Russian MMA Championship Finals in Omsk, Russia

May 29-31
National MMA Championship in Rimini, Italy

May 29
Unified MMA 23 in Edmonton, Canada

May 30
Throwdown 6 in Athens, Greece


National Championship in Erevan, Armenia

June 5-6
First Iran national championship in Khoramshahr, Khozestan province, Iran

June 6
Gala Kempo Elite KOC 1 in Bordeaux, France

June 6
National Championship Finals in Budapest, Hungary

June 7
Bucharest MMA Cup in Bucharest, Romania

June 13
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

June 13-14
International Gala Cup in Istanbul, Turkey

June 20
Riga Challenge 2 in Riga, Latvia

June 22
MMA Seminar in Cuba

June 27
League Warriors 3 in Zakynthos, Greece

June 30
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

Battle of Nomads 4 in Kazakhstan

July 15
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

July 18-19
Cuban MMA Open

June 19
FFC 21 Milano, Italy

June 19
Havoc FC 9 in Red Deer, Canada

July 30
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

August, 1
Dobrogea MMA Cup in Tulcea, Romania

August 4-6
Congreso Tecnico De Arbitros

August 4-9
Seminario Internacional De MMA in Colombia

August 8-9
National MMA Championship in Colombia

August 15
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

August 24
RXF 20 (pro) in Constanta, Romania

August 25
Delta City Challenge (Senior) in Belgrade, Serbia

August 28-30
Republican Cup in Chisinau, Moldova

August 30
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina


MMA National Cup in Erevan, Armenia

Professional MMA Championship in Moldova

September 1
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

September 2
National Championship (2nd half) in Seoul, South Korea

September 5
Kazakhstan MMA Cup

September 12-13
Geneva Open in Geneva, Switzerland

September 12
Muntenia MMA Cup in Tirgoviste, Romania

September 16-19
Russian MMA Cup in Sochi, Russia

September 18-19
International Gala Cup in Tehran, Iran

September 22
MMA Seminar in Cuba

September 22
Referee Seminar in Cuba

September 25
Judge and referee seminar in the Ukraine

September 25-27
Ukrainian Cup

September 27
Gala Kempo Elite Apash Tournament in Vaux-en-Velin, France

FFC 22 in Budapest, Hungary

October 5
RXF 21 (pro) in Sibiu, Romania

October 5
Gala Kempo Elite Urban Legend XI in Villepinte, France

October 10
Best of the Best Caspian cup in Chalus, Mazandaran province, Iran

October 15
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

October 17-18
Campeonato Nal Infantil in Colombia

October 18
National MMA Cup in Athens, Greece

October 23-25
Ukrainian Championship for youth

October 24
Latvian Top Fighters – Open Cage 5 in Riga, Latvia

October 30 – November 2
Russian MMA Championship in Moscow, Russia

November 27-28
WMMAA World MMA Championship in Czech Republic

FFC 23 in Brno, Czech Republic

November 6
“Fight Games 6” National Championship in Vrbas, Serbia

November 9
RXF 22 (pro) in Galati, Romania

November 15
2k9 Top Fight in Argentina

November 15
Gala Kempo Elite Urban Legend XII in Villepinte, France

November 21
Latvian MMA Championship in Riga, Latvia

November 22
Gala Kempo Elite LFC IV in Villeurbanne, France

FFC 24 in Vienna, Austria

Professional MMA Championship in Chisinau, Moldova

December 3-6
Russian MMA Super Cup, Russia

December 13
Gala Kempo Elite Urban Legend XIII in Villepinte, France

December 14
RXF 23 (pro) in Bucharest, Romania

December 15
SuperCup in Astana Kazakhstan

December 18
FFC 25 in Zagreb, Croatia

December 19
Baltic MMA Championship in Riga, Latvia

December 19
Cuban MMA Open

December 20
Gala Kempo Elite GOTA Challengers in Ruoms, France

December 25
“TeslaFC 5” Pro Tournament in Belgrade, Serbia















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