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Kyanan Mamedov: “We plan to come back to Azerbaijan with gold” – WMMAA

Published on 18 October 2013

Kyanan Mamedov has his sights set on the WMMAA World MMA Championship. Check the comments of the Azerbaijan MMA League president

“The main priority of Azerbaijan MMA League is to help develop Mixed Martial Arts in our country. I’m so glad to see multiple athletes participate in our second National MMA Championship, they come from different parts and provinces of Azerbaijan. We had representatives from a new Nakhchyvan Team and also Baku AzFighters. Everyone could see that new MMA entities in the country tried to make a good impression. Compared with the last year the competition went straight up. New fighters are not afraid to take on their more experienced counterparts. The winners of the championship earned their right to train together with our national MMA team in hopes of making it to the next World Championship.”

Furthermore Kyanan Mamedov shared his thoughts on the upcoming long-anticipated World Championship that is about to start in Saint Petersburg. According to him, azeri fighters can objectively conquer 2-3 medals.

“Our team gets stronger with each year. That’s why we are taking part in this championship. We want to win and achieve great results, otherwise it’s not worth doing it. Our team got a silver and a bronze medal in the context of the first two European championships. Unfortunately we couldn’t realize our potential to the fullest and conquer a gold medal that time around. Up to the next challenge, we are going for gold this time. I firmly believe we will get 2-3 medals. Of course it’s not the number of the medals that counts but their quality. We intend to come back home to Azerbaijan with at least one gold medal.”