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Italian Federal Council summary

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Italian Federal Council was held on July 16 in Italy.

At the meeting of the Federal Council on Sunday 16 July 2017, they approved the following events and then schedule them as follows: October 14, 2017 Petrosyanmania in Monza. 04 November 2017 Centurion Fight Championship Malta with Selections Road to Bellator. 19 November 2017  Muay Thai Time 4 in Genoa.

01 December 2017 WMMAA European Championships in Dresden.


8-9-10 December 2017 World Championships K-1 Open World Amateur Campionships in Florence, term National Collegiums K-1 Rules and K-1 Light by November 2017. 9-10 December 2017 Muay Thai National Championship in Florence. December 9, 017 Oktagon Bellator in Florence. February 17, 2018 Muay Thai Supreme in place to establish which will be attended by the 4 winners of the 4 categories of Road To Bangkok, closing Selections Road To Bangkok 7/1/2018. February 2018 Petrosyanmania in Milan. March 18, 2018 Savate Combat National Championship in Turin. March 2018 World Championship WMF Bangkok. April 14-15, 2018 National Championships Fight Code Rules, Fight Code Technique, Kick, Kick Technique, MMA, MMA Technique, Savate Assault at Montecatini Terme, scheduled Closing Regional Qualifying Championships on April 1, 2018. May 2018 The Night of Champions in Seregno. June 23, 2018 Oktagon Bellator in place to establish which will attend the n. 1 of the 4 categories of men and 1 category of women who have played more fights in the Oktagon Selections, plus 2 wild cards selected by the organizer.